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Lily Noykova: I love the adrenalin with every rush order

Lily Noykova is Kingly’s Production manager and a driving force behind the scenes. Within our vibrant company culture, her superpowers lie in her knack for solving problems and thriving under pressure. When deadlines loom and tensions run high, she’s calm amidst the storm, ensuring that production sails smoothly. Beyond her professional prowess, Liliya finds solace in the serene embrace of the mountains, where she unwinds with her family. Let’s explore her role and responsibilities within our organization, where her dedication and expertise shape the very fabric of our success.

Lily, what motivated you to become part of a company that produces merchandise for the promotional market? Do you have any particular interest in custom sock manufacturing?

Before I came across Kingly’s website, I already had more than 10 years of experience in the textile and garment manufacturing industry. At the time, they were looking for new hires for the Order Processing team. I discovered that the job was related to manufacturing, which automatically meant that there was a lot of adrenaline. I wanted to work in a fast-paced company where multiple things were happening simultaneously. I need to work in a dynamic environment. I wouldn’t say I like sitting on a desk all day. I enjoy making things happen.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job? Can you think of a particularly difficult situation that stuck with you?

It is most challenging when there is a very tight deadline and we have to meet it. I have to make everything run smoothly as a well-oiled machine. I need to communicate with all departments – from Knitting to Ironing and Packaging, and then Logistics. I get involved with the production process quite often actually.

One of the most challenging situations I have been in was when I just started working at the company. We were supposed to organize a shipment by 1 p.m. However, we had a delay and it became obvious that it won’t happen on the same day. Yet, it was a “No fail delivery” order which meant we could not postpone the shipment. I started thinking about our options. I knew a partner of ours who had a vehicle. I asked her to help us out and she rushed to deliver the goods. I am proud that I managed to organize it.

To be honest, we face challenges every day. I think of options and find solutions in tense situations. And I enjoy it.

And what is the most rewarding part of your job? What do you find most enjoyable?

The most rewarding part is when the order is ready on time and prepared for shipment. It is particularly enjoyable when a rush order leaves on time.

From what I heard already, it seems that your problem-solving is one of your superpowers. What rather qualities do you think you possess to make everything happen the way it should?

I can work well under pressure. I don’t think I’m well-organized. But everything seems to work out just fine. The best way to cope in such situations is to be able to work well under pressure. I do my best every single day. That is a part of the job. The order must leave on time.

Are there people in the company you can always count on?

I can always count on Hristo, our Logistics Manager and Rossen, our Sock Knitting Engineer Mechanic. These are the people who are the closest to me.

What kind of good practices do you think should stay in the company? And what could be improved?

Using the Customer relationship management (CRM) system is a good practice. But probably that works for the other teams better. We have figured out how to make everything work. I wouldn’t say we need anyone else to navigate the process. We need improvement in terms of being asked about our opinion about how to optimize certain processes, as we have quite a lot of experience in the business. We also need more people in production, as the demand is getting higher and higher.

Let me a little bit about what you like to do for fun.

My family and I go to the mountains – Vitosha, Stara Planina… I find these hiking trips to be extremely refreshing. On Liberation Day (3 March) we went to the “Paradise” hut, just under the Paradise Sprinkler.

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