Custom Bathrobes for Hotel & Spa

Kingly Luxury Bathrobes are essential items in many hotels, health clubs and spas. They’re beautifully comfortable to wear and deliver the quality that helps make your brand stand out.

Our Luxury Bathrobes are produced using high quality 100% pure cotton, and come in two finishes, Terry or Velour. Styles include Kimono, Shawl and Hooded robes, and the colour range is extensive – the bathrobes can be yarn dyed into any Pantone colour to match your corporate or venue colours.

For a finishing touch, and for personalised bathrobes, add custom woven labels and embroidered logos. 


Everything we make is made to order using the latest technology and production processes. Our design and production teams will make sure you get exactly what you set out to achieve. Whether it’s a plain white kimono bathrobe or a run of monogrammed bathrobes, we will make sure that you receive only the very best.

To deliver the best quality bathrobes, we use only 100% pure virgin cotton, in a choice of different weights, from 360 through to 500 gr/m2.

Our hotel and spa bathrobes come in Terry or Velour finishes.

Terry: Terry is a pile fabric, with uncut loops on both sides, used for bath towels and robes.  This is often the fabric of choice for hotel bath robes – the longer and denser the loops are, the more absorbent the garment. 

We also offer a Zero Twisted bathrobe which is incredibly absorbent and soft. Unlike standard pile, the loops on the robe are not twisted: there is more surface area to absorb moisture. This also means that they are very fast drying as well.

Velour: Velour is a fabric with cut loops. Velour bathrobes are typically made with terry inside, as terry cloth absorbs water better than velour. Velour gives the bathrobe luxurious cosiness, and makes the garment extremely soft to the touch.

We offer many types of bathrobes of which the most popular are the:

Kimono:  This is a traditional Japanese garment and the name literally translates to ‘thing to wear’. The kimono style robe has no collar in the conventional sense. Typically, it is more comfortable to the wear in warm weather.

Shawl: The shawl collar style is borrowed from men’s evening wear, the dinner jacket and smoking jacket, and is common on traditional dressing gowns. The collar closes about the neck, giving a feeling of warmth and cosiness.

Hooded: A hood is sewn into the neckline, which can be worn over the head.

The bathrobes can be yarn dyed into any Pantone colour and are generally embroidered with a logo or branded design.

Most Kingly bathrobes are full custom made with a minimum order quantity of 150 units

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