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Merchandise Product Fulfillment

With trade shows and events postponed or cancelled until further notice, there is a real challenge about how best to deliver promotional products to customers.


Many employees and customers are home based, so there no one single place where you can share your promotional goods – there’s no one physical space where you can say ‘Thank you’ or ‘Hey, look at this.’


At Kingly, we have the solution. As of 1st November 2020, we’ve been offering a complete fulfilment service to customers. 


We post your promotional merchandise directly to the end recipient.

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A customer orders 1,000 pairs of socks but they cannot be delivered to one single place. Somehow, they need to be delivered to individual addresses.


Kingly takes control. We send direct to your customers. 

We place each pair of socks into an envelope, affix first class stamps with the recipients address, and then send them via the relevant national postal service – for example, Royal Mail in the UK or Deutschepost in Germany.
Convenience and peace of mind in one stroke – the service includes proof of delivery (POD) so the package can be tracked and you know it will get to where it’s going.


To keep costs down, Kingly does not profit from this fulfilment service. We’re pleased to help make things easier, whatever you’re sending and wherever you’re sending it.

This service applies to all the products that Kingly produce – for example, knitted sweaters, beanies, T-Shirts, socks, and hygiene & cosmetic products.

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