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Mira Ananieva: Aspiring Salesperson with a cosmic voice

Mira Ananieva is a part of Kingly‘s Sales team. She has many superpowers – communication, organization and multitasking. However, all of us at the office are impressed by another astonishing gift that she possesses – Bulgarian folk singing. Let’s learn more about it from her.

Mira, tell me a little bit about yourself. I heard that you like to sing in your spare time.

It’s true. I am a folklore singer. Actually, my degree is also in music. I have been a part of a very famous choir in Bulgaria for almost 20 years. The previous name was “Cosmic voices from Bulgaria”. Now its name is “Vanya Moneva” Choir.

That’s impressive!

Singing in the choir is a hobby of mine. Unfortunately, it can not be a profession in Bulgaria. You cannot afford to sing for a living, do what you like and what is in your heart. So, I started working in administration. I changed several companies, but in the end I chose Kingly.

What was the “Wow” factor that attracted you and made you stay?

It was the owner – Rob Armour. He is very positive, energetic and full of ideas. I like him, the way he works and the company itself. So, I decided to trust Kingly and start working with them. I have been a part of the team for about a year now.

What do you think are your strengths? What are the most positive assets that you posses that contribute to the team’s dynamic?

Communication, organization, managing several times at the same time. I like to communicate with the customers. I like to see the successful finalization of every order. And I always like it when the customer comes back to make another order or to make an inquiry. It is a new field for me actually because I have never worked in Sales before. I was involved strictly with administration, but I am managing to handle tasks nicely.

What is the most challenging part of the job?

There are a lot of challenging moments because this is a fast-paced company, it is changing very fast. We were primarily selling socks and now we are selling cosmetics. The change was made in half a month. And it is not that easy. It is a challenge to keep up, keep working on a high level with the customers and adapt to changes.

What is the most inspiring part of being a part of Kingly’s team?

The ideas that Rob comes up with. I was not a believer at first. Rob knows that very well. When he comes up with some kind of idea, I doubt if it is going to work, but he always makes it work. And this is extremely inspiring. He makes his ideas into reality in the end. And we all see the results.

Who do you count on the most within the team?

That would be Dessy Traikova, our Operation director. I work very closely with her. She is helping me very much and I am copying her way of handling things. As I said, I haven’t worked in Sales before, so she is my role model. She is helping me very, very much. Rob is helping me as well, but he has so many other things to deal with.
Questions and cover photo: Desislava Pateva
Enjoy a performance by Mira’s choir:
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