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shapes for compact products

Kingly have a over 150 existing shapes in stock ready for compressed products – typically our promotional compact towels and our promotional compact T-shirts, but bags and socks also feature in customer favourites.

Some of the shapes are unique to particular customers, but you have open access to over 100 standard shapes for your compact promotional merchandise.

When choosing a shape, consider how well it matches your product or the time of year or the event and then combine that with distribution. If your product is a give-away in person, you have plenty of choice. If your promotional merchandise will go by post, you’ll need to choose a shape that is post-box friendly!

Custom shapes for Compact Products

If one of our standard shapes isn’t quite right, we can create one just for you, to match your product shape or your logo – or both!

Each month we add two or three new shapes.

Talk to us about the details – send us a request and our designers can help you devise the best shapes for your needs and promotion. Working together, we’ll create the die-cut templates for your custom shape and your unique compressed promotional merchandise.


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