Other Compact Products

T-shirts and Towels are popular promotional compressed textiles, but many other products work well too.

Firm favourites are socks, aprons, bandanas, pareos (sarongs),bags, baby bibs and underwear.

For best results the textile should be at least 80% cotton. However, we can also compress polyester and cotton mixes with a lower cotton content. Talk to us about what you need, and we’ll produce samples to check the compression quality of any particular fabric.


Do you know our FREE design service?

To help with the creation of your design you simply send us the vector logo and draw out a sketch of the product. We will do the rest and supply an appealing design to pleasantly surprise your customer.


Compact Aprons

Aprons make great gifts, and when they come compressed in a neatly designed shape, they are all the more memorable.

Once open and in use, they’re like a walking talking billboard, so it’s a great opportunity to get creative. Our design team loves to work with Aprons, as they get to play with the shape and space – and they’ll make sure that your logo, slogan or pattern really packs a punch.

Start thinking about the compact shape you’d like and give us a call!

Compact Baby Bibs

Baby bibs are one of life’s necessities with a young family, so they’re always appreciated by parents of babies and young toddlers!

This means that promotional compressed baby bibs can be a great marketing tool – partly because they are useful and get used lots, and partly because your name or logo will be ever present.

Baby bibs, individually or in packs of 2 or 3, are ideal for compressing into unique shapes and they’re easy to send by post too.

Give some thought to your target market and distribution (for example, are you posting them out or giving away in-store?) and give us a call.

Compact Underwear

Promotional compact underwear has been one of our secret successes over the last few years. It always brings a smile to the face and attracts attention.

Plus, if you choose your items carefully, you’ll have customers who are delighted with their new favourite undergarment!

As with all compressed textile merchandise, compact underwear works best when the fabric is cotton rich, at least 80% cotton.

Careful thought needs to go into your chosen compact shape and your method of distribution. And one you’ve shared your ideas with the team at Kingly, we can help you choose the best underwear and the best packaging to promote your message and your brand.

Get on touch to tell us what you have in mind – and leave the rest to us!

Compact Whatever you want!

At Kingly we’re always looking for an opportunity to make our products more environmentally friendly. In early 2020 we did it with knitted socks and won the 2020 Promotional Gift Award for our Upcycled Socks in Compositable Bags.

Now we’re doing the same with sweaters using upcycled cotton.

Kingly are proud to introduce eco-sustainable knitted sweaters that we know will be a hit. We’re proud to use upcycled cotton to deliver fashionable clothing that makes the most of available resources and helps you maintain your own environmental credentials.

What is upcycling?

Upcycled yarn is derived from used clothing and pattern cutting scraps from garment production. The upcycling process is mechanical.  No water, dyes or chemicals are used and the production process is near zero C02 and 50% solar powered factory.

With recycled textiles, waste is still subjected to a new manufacturing process using water, dyes and chemicals. Recycling is better than throwing away. But Upcycled Cotton has a significantly lower impact on the environment and we’re proud to be part of the movement to be gentler on our planet.

Upcycled cotton is readily available in up to 20 colours. We can produce other colours upon request.