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Prioritising Sustainability in Sport with Kingly and Polygiene

Kingly Supported an Inspiring Eco Initiative by a German Sports Club

Producing sustainable promotional products and educating future generations about preserving vital resources have been in Kingly’s DNA from the start. Recently, we partnered with Polygiene® in distributing 560 towels to the children of the TSV Trudering sports club in Germany. Every towel featured the innovative Polygiene StayFresh™ odor-control solution, so they can be washed less frequently, reducing the amount of water and energy families consume. Here are some of the results:

  • 84% of water is saved and 27% of carbon emissions are prevented  from polluting the atmosphere within the production process;
  • 560 towels treated with Polygiene StayFresh™ technology;
  • Less laundry for parents and the club;
  • Skipping every other wash saves 134,000 liters of water a year;
  • Reduces annual energy consumption by 15,679 kWh.

Kingly and Polygiene teamed up with the Munich-based sports club to launch an initiative that saw every child receive a TSV-branded towel as a present. Emphasizing sustainability and a mindful approach to festive gifting, the sports club wanted to offer its kids something durable, useful, and environmentally friendly that encourages them to rethink and adapt established behaviors. And maybe help out mums and dads, too!

The initiative was the brainchild of Polygiene’s Global Category Director of Sport & Outdoor, Markus Hefter. As a father of three children and a handball coach at TSV Trudering, Markus has first-hand experience with the mountains of laundry kids’ participation in sports generates. However, he was also in a unique position to do something about it.

“Together we can change a lot. Every contribution counts”

Markus was able to organize a collaboration with Kingly to provide the club with branded towels with built-in innovative technology. It prevents the spread of odor-causing bacteria in textiles, keeping products fresher for longer and ensuring you don’t have to wash them as frequently. In turn, this reduces the amount of water, energy, and time you consume cleaning your textiles – which benefits both customers and the environment.

“Preserving vital resources is a core value for all of us at Kingly. We have been using Polygiene StayFresh™ for years when producing upcycled sports socks and activewear for our clients. When we received Markus’ request to supply the towels, we immediately decided to partly sponsor the initiative. As a company that is leading the way in providing sustainable award-winning products for the promotional industry, we wanted to contribute to Polygiene’s environmental savings even further”, said Rob Armour, CEO and Founder of Kingly.

He explained that the towels meant as presents for the TSV Trudering sports club have the highest earth-friendly score validated by BCome’s Cradle to Gate sustainability platform. The branded gifts produced at Kingly consist of 70% organic cotton and 30% Recycled PET Polyester, according to the Global Recycled Standard. Normally, 41 litres of water go into the production of a single towel and 3.50 kg of CO₂ are emitted. Thanks to Kingly’s best practices 84% of that water is saved and 27% of carbon emissions are prevented from polluting the atmosphere.

Facts and Figures – explaining the eco-benefits

Typically, the club’s towels are washed after every use. However, the antibacterial, odor-control qualities enable you to skip every other wash. Based on a wash in a standard 6kg washing machine, this saves:

  • 2 kWh in total (0.6 kWh per wash and 3.6 kWh for drying)
  • 72 liters of water
  • 24 g detergent.

Assuming the kids use the towels 100 times a year (that’s just under twice a week), the club will save:

  • 134,000 liters of water a year. That amount could meet the annual drinking water needs of 244 people.
  • 15,679 kWh in washing and drying energy
  • 6 kg of detergent.

So far, the Kingly and Polygiene towels have helped the kids save a remarkable 40,320 liters of water. And we are just three months into the year.

Small changes can have a big impact

Laura Gabler, Head of the TSV Trudering KidsClub department, highlighted the importance of its younger members being aware of the environmental consequences of their actions. “The club wants the presents to be things the kids can use in their daily lives. The Kingly x Polygiene towels meet the criteria. Their philosophy of environmental sustainability is really convincing and impressive. We were very happy about the support from those two global brands this year!”

The collaboration between Kingly, Polygiene and TSV Trudering demonstrates that even seemingly small contributions have a significant impact. By creating products that enable families to skip every other wash, Kingly and Polygiene are reducing energy consumption, saving parents time, and contributing to a more sustainable society.

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