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Producing merchandise from textile waste reduces the environmental impact

The upcycled cotton that Kingly uses to create socks and sweaters comes from textile land fields. The textile waste is collected, divided into colors, cut into small pieces and respun without the use of additional water or dyes. This was what Dessislava Traykova, Operational Director of Kingly, said on the television show “In development” hosted by Veronika Denizova.

She pointed out that the company works with a partner company from Spain that supplies them with the upcycled yarn. Traykova noted that this production method reduces the expansion of textile dumps and saves resources.

“We work with advertising agencies that sell to large and small end-customers. We export 100% of our production. Our main market is Great Britain, followed by France, Germany and Spain”.

As far as the prices goes, Traykova explained that the increase isn’t so big because the manufacturing process is mechanized.

“The price is probably 10-15% higher than the one for standard cotton. But the benefits are far greater.”

Kingly’s production site is based in Sofia. The company also uses special packaging for its products.

“Over 90% of our production is packaged in compostable bags produced in Bulgaria. Their main ingredient is potato starch and they decompose within 8 weeks after being disposed of”.

Traykova also pointed out that the textile industry is the second largest poluter after the oil industry.

“Fast fashion will continue to dominate. But it’s good to raise awareness about alternative materials in order to reduce pollution”.

Watch the video (in Bulgarian) to learn how customers feel about the upcycled products and why the company creates socks as promotional gifts.

The text was originally published on Bloomberg TV Bulgaria‘s website, as well as on Investor.bg in an article named “Why do customers appreciate upcycled socks and sweaters?”.

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