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Nº 25 Hand Made Soap Bars Natural & Organic

At Kingly we produce some seriously luxurious soap bars that clarify, balance, and moisturize the skin.

Our soap bars are gentler, more luxurious, and seriously more satisfying than the equivalent premium brands. Using only natural and organic ingredients, we guarantee hydration and lovely uplifting scents. Bid adieu to those bad soap bar memories. Perhaps you remember those harsh soap bars, which left your hands and face raw. Well, forget those forever. Try our moisture-rich and naturally perfumed soap bars for practical cleanliness and a real touch of indulgence.

Our luxurious handmade soap bars contain a trio of all-natural active ingredients. Take for example our firm favorite, the 7 Heaven scented soap bars: they cleanse, moisturize, and revive dull, tired skin.

Available as standard with protective eco-friendly paper and optional printed label and branded box.

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The 7 Heaven collection

Lavender – remember how to relax with the calming scent of lavender.
Rose – take in the perfumes of a luxurious rose garden.
Aloe Vera – fresh and re-assuring, Aloe Vera goes perfectly with clean hands.
Mint – the aroma of fresh garden herbs and a natural cleanser
Peach – fresh peaches for a little bit of pleasure and luxury.
Lemon – the crisp scent of lemons and beautifully fresh clean hands.
Pomegranate – indulge yourself with the subtle sweet-sharp aromas of this timeless fruit.

Some love the 7 Heaven scented soap bars but we understand others have their own personal choices and we always believe in spoiling our customers with choice. Here are just a few highly desirable options: Shea Moisture Honey & Yoghurt, the “President Scent,” with captivating notes of bergamot, cumin, and mandarin; Rosemary and Mint, Freshly Cut Citrus Orange, Lemon and Lime Delight, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Bubblegum.
Dare to be different? You can try Rum & Cola, Mojito or request your own unique formula!

About Sustainability and Soap Bars.

Soap bars last significantly longer than their liquid counterparts, so rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth. But it’s the packaging—or lack thereof which makes soap bars an outright winner for sustainability.
While liquid soaps are housed in plastic or glass bottles, hard luxury soap bars boast considerably less packaging. At Kingly we wrap them in paper and an optional eco-friendly branded FSC certified box, which is easy to recycle and has a less adverse environmental impact.
So top marks for soap bars!
The lovely new scents have a moisturizing formula, to add a real touch of luxury to your day. You can be confident in knowing you’ve got a superior quality soap bar.
Each soap bar can have the logo embossed on the surface.


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