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Hotel Toiletries

Our hotel range is the essence of quality, value and sophistication. Because of our high standards and our use of natural and sustainable ingredients, we may not always be the cheapest on the market, but we will be the best of the best.

Our target market is boutique hotels with high paying customers wanting only the best in hotel toiletries. The cosmetics themselves match that of the world’s most exclusive cosmetic brands. A bold but true statement? It’s backed up by full valid documentation and accreditation. In addition to that, these outstanding products are fully loaded with organic active ingredients, independently tested through in-vitro testing with documented case studies proving their worth. On top of that, they are COSMOS approved.

Kingly Labs has been developing luxurious, highly effective cosmetics with the goal of visibly enhancing your skin’s radiance. Our comprehensive range helps restore that youthful ‘glow’ by harnessing the power of COSMOS certified organic active ingredients, essential oils, minerals and marine active ingredients that detoxify your skin and help prevent or reverse signs of ageing.

Request some free samples and test our products. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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  • OB01 Basic
  • OB02 Premium
  • OB03 Deluxe

Premium Organic Certified

  • OB01 Basic
  • OB02 Premium
  • OB03 Deluxe

Kingly specialize in high quality products manufactured to the most demanding standards, so it’s no surprise that we include branded hotel luxury toiletries, hospitality supplies and amenity packs in our offering.

With roots in our original highly successful Multi Packs, we now supply a comprehensive range of toiletries, cosmetics and convenience items to match the needs of separate niches within the hospitality sector.

We also have variety of branding, labelling and packaging options, including our best-selling environmentally friendly ONE BOX system.



Why the ONE BOX system?

Convenience. Everything you need is in one box. 3 sized boxes are available according to the quantity of amenities required.

We get rid of the clutter and reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging commonly found in hotel rooms. Eco friendliness is key. Consider for one moment the number of individual boxes used by hotels to package soap bars, vanity kits, shaving kits and so on. We eliminate this. We take essential hotel toiletries and pack them into an elegant printed sliding box which is eco-friendly with PEFC and FSC certification. Guests will love them and, in all certainty, they will take them home. When empty they will keep the box. Less rubbish to throw away is a godsend.

So, what’s so unique about ONE BOX?

All products are locked into place using our specially designed custom die cut base into which all cosmetics are slotted into place. Everything is where it’s supposed to be without the pointless addition of unnecessary packaging! And most importantly of all, it’s elegant and practical with everything beautifully presented.

One Box is available as a standardized offering or full custom. In the case of full custom, you can get exactly what you need and make up your custom One Box from our extensive product gallery. Click here.

One Box is available as Premium or Premium Organic.  The organic range are 100% natural and organic, certified to the level of the COSMOS ORGANIC Standard.

Premium Line

  • OB01 Basic
  • OB02 Premium
  • OB03 Deluxe

Natural & Organic

  • OB01 Basic
  • OB02 Premium
  • OB03 Deluxe


From the production of cosmetics and toiletries, to branded labelling and to packaging, Kingly can work with you all the way. Not only will we deliver excellent products but we can also help by making your customer’s experience all the more memorable – using the small details to drive and strengthen your brand identity.

Our flexible production systems mean that we can cater for small to medium sized orders and will happily produce from only 150 units per product type. With short lead times and swift dispatch, you get exactly what you want, when you want it.

Why not investigate our product gallery to get an idea of the products on offer?

Our design team offers a stunning range of amazing packaging concepts to add value, make your products stand out and really delight your customers.

Sustainability is an important part of our company ethos, so we offer sustainable packaging and Frustration Free Packaging. We are always keen to promote packaging which supports environmentally friendly marketing strategies and you can see this in our ONE BOX solution for responsible packaging of hotel toiletries.

Minimum order quantities are from just 150 units.

Orders are shipped from only 2 weeks (depending on the quantity and product type).


*  Shipping cost not included


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