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Crew Socks

Falls below the calf.

Without any doubt, the most popular sock on the planet which accounts for 65% of all Kingly’s sales.

Crew sock height can vary, though most are about 6 to 8 inches from the heel to the top of the cuff – as all socks are full custom knitted you can request that the height be modified. Perhaps you would like the cuff to be higher for example? We can do it without any additional charge.

This is a full custom sock knitted in up to 6 colours. The knit design is more complex, with an all over knitted design.

This sock can be produced in

ICONS FOR SOCKS types by materials-cotton

Regular Cotton - Conventional cotton from ethical producers within the European Union.

ICONS FOR SOCKS types by materials-Upcycled cotton

Upcycled Cotton - High quality reprocessed cotton. Provides significant savings in water, resources and pollutants.

ICONS FOR SOCKS types by materials-organic GOTS

GOTS Organic Cotton - Chemical-free, sustainably produced and processed. Transaction certificate available.

ICONS FOR SOCKS types by materials-Bamboo

Bamboo Yarn - The softest, most comfortable and skin-friendly material.

More Information

  • Reference: Premium Classic Crew  KS04
  • Full custom knitted with your design up to 6 colours.
  • 160 in-stock yarn colours available.*
  • Composition: 80% combed cotton for comfort, 17% regenerated polyamide for strength, 3% elastane for comfort and strength. Organic GOTS certified and upcycled yarn also available.
  • Packaged as a pair with free recycled branded sock tag and individual self-seal bag.
  • Minimum quantity order from 150 pairs per size and design.
  • Available sizes: one size fits all for men, one size fits all for women. A one size fits most is also available. However, you can request any other sizes.
  • High quality cotton results in a snug soft fit that absorbs sweat, enhances durability and offers superior comfort.
  • Reinforcement in heel and toe provide durability to dramatically improve product life.
  • Production lead times: from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the quantity and time of year.
  • Transport: via UPS ground service within 1 week throughout the EU, or UPS Air Freight in 48 hours within the EU and USA.
  • All materials used in the production of socks are Oeko Tex certified.
  • Manufactured by Kingly in Europe to the highest quality standards.
  • Care instructions: Machine wash cold on gentle cycle, do not bleach or tumble dry. Do not dry clean or iron.


  • Terry cushioning on the sole can be added to provide great comfort and to prevent blisters and chaffing from occurring. This will reduce sock and foot pain during sports or daily workout activity.
  • Ribbing can be added to prevent feet from slipping inside of the sock.
  • The height of the cuff can be adjusted.

Sustainability Report


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