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Promotional Bathrobes

Personalised bathrobes are real touch of luxury and a powerful way of emphasising brand strength and identity.

Kingly luxury bathrobes – for spas, hotels and clubs and as promotional products – are 100% pure cotton. We offer a choice of a Terry or Velour finish, in Kimono, Shawl or Hooded styles, depending on your preference.

We provide an unrivalled range of colour choice, and the finishing touch of your logo or name embroidered on your custom bathrobes.

More Information

Kingly bathrobes are produced using high quality 100% pure cotton. We supply bathrobes for a number of reputable brands that enjoy consistent quality and a reliable service.

Our strength is not just in the choice, but also the detail. We deliver custom bathrobes, branded bathrobes, and personalised monogrammed bathrobes.

We offer you two types of finish:

  • Terry: Terry is a pile fabric, usually woven of cotton, with uncut loops on both sides, used for bath towels and robes.  The longer and denser the loops, the more absorbent the bathrobe is.
  • Velour: Velour is a fabric with cut loops. Velour bathrobes are typically made with terry inside, as terry cloth absorbs water better than velour. Velour gives the bathrobe luxury and cosiness, and makes the garment softer to the touch.

We offer many styles of bathrobe, of which the most popular are

  • Kimono: This is a traditional Japanese garment and the name literally translates to ‘thing to wear’. The kimono style robe actually has no collar per se. It generally provides more comfort to the wearer in warm weather.
  • Shawl: The shawl collar is borrowed from its use on men’s evening wear, the dinner jacket and smoking jacket, and is common on traditional dressing gowns. The shawl name comes from the way the collar closes about the neck just like a shawl. The shawl collar gives a feeling of warmth and cosiness.
  • Hooded: A hood is sewn into the neckline, which can be worn over the head.

Colour, weight, size and decoration are supremely flexible.

  • Kingly custom bathrobes can be yarn dyed into any Pantone colour
  • Weight can vary from 360 g/m2 through to 500 g/m2.
  • Sizes cover all standard variations and we can also manufacture non-standard sizes.
  • Logos and Monograms are generally embroidered – typically on the breast, sleeve or back.
  • Most custom bathrobes are unisex, but when embroidering you can chose which side to place logos, names or monograms.

Minimum Order Quantity: Most Kingly bathrobes are full custom made with a minimum order quantity of 150 units.

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Zero Twisted Bathrobes

Zero Twisted bathrobes come with all the benefits of Terry or Velour, but with the added benefit of an extremely soft finish and increased absorbency.

Unlike standard pile, the loops on the robe are not twisted so there is more surface area to absorb moisture. This also means that they are very fast drying as well. The Zero Twist process only works with long, strong premium cotton fibres – so you know you’ll get only the highest quality custom bathrobe.

Our Zero Twisted personalised bathrobes deliver that extra level of luxury that you’d expect in a boutique hotel or private club. Just like our other luxury bathrobes, we can make them to your exact specifications.


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