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Compact socks

Promotional socks are some of the biggest selling and most effective items in the promotional market. And to add to our impressive range of socks, we offer compressed socks too.

Compressed socks are packaged in unique compact shapes to match your brand and really catch the eye. Socks can be custom designed too, using our world leading sock knitting machinery from Italian specialists, Busi Giovanni.

If you’re on the look-out for something slightly different – and a gift that will be used time and time again – promotional compact socks are ideal.

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Kingly Promotional Compressed Socks create a buzz and get customers talking, smiling and laughing – and remembering your brand.

As a leading sock manufacturer, our unrivalled expertise in designing socks and manufacturing socks, and the most modern sock knitting machines available, our range and flexibility is unbeatable. When this is combined with carefully engineered compression (Kingly is the proprietary patent holder for this technology), you have a simple way to add value while making sure your investment is affordable and cost effective.

Because everything is done in-house, we control the whole process and can guarantee the highest quality and reliability. You’ll find it difficult to get a better deal anywhere else in the sock trade.

Ordering is easy.

Offered in all standard sizes and with a wide selection of colours, the customised socks can be compressed in a huge range of shapes that fit in the palm of your hand. They can be packaged to look like a CD or DVD case, a pack of post-it notes, or any other convenient shape that will slip easily through a letter box.

Distribution has never been easier or cheaper, and per unit costs are extremely attractive. These are highly effective, value for money promotional items.

With the socks knitted to your bespoke design, choose the custom shape you want and decide on your insert designs too. Leave the rest to us – we’ll compress the socks into the right shape, make sure the inlays are placed front and back and shrink wrap it with environmentally responsible non-PVC film. Now they’re not much bigger than a smart phone – great to give, great to receive!

Good to know:

  • Socks are available in all standard sizes and styles, and in a choice of yarns.
  • Logos and designs can be knitted into the socks with unrivalled clarity.
  • We carry a wide range of pre-designed compact shapes and we can also create your own bespoke shapes to identify with or mimic the real products that you sell.
  • Lead times from only 10 days
  • Minimum Order Quantities from 150 pairs of socks
  • We distribute Worldwide
  • All our compressed socks are produced at the Kingly factory in Europe to the highest quality standards.

To use Kingly Promotional Compact Socks, simply open the package and put on the socks! And then please remember to dispose of the packaging responsibly.  Unlike compressed T-shirts and towels, there is no need to soak them first.

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