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Labels & Hang Tags

At Kingly we are proud of our attention to detail and you can see this in our labels for clothing and the swing tags too.

The custom labels and personalised swing tags (sometimes called hang tags) are designed to complement your chosen product and project exactly the image you want to share with your customers.

Labels can be printed or woven, while custom hang tags can also carry your unique designs using a choice of materials.

Call us to find out how we can help you create your own easily identifiable custom labels for clothing and the custom swing tags to go with them.

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Custom Woven Labels for Clothing

At Kingly you have the chance to have your own branded label designed for you to make a statement. Although small, the label gets a lot of exposure – the right one will be a memorable and long-lasting way to promote your brand.

For all custom-made towelling, a free printed label is supplied. However, our recommendation is a high definition /high density woven label. As you can see in the images, these labels enhance the overall appeal and value of the product.

There are many other options, include continuous tape, woven flat fabric, laser cut labels, and raised rubber labels. Your choice will be influenced by your chosen product, so shirts will require something different to custom printed tote bags, fr example.

Personalized Hang Tags

Clothing hang tags can really make the difference in customer perception – something high quality will really set your products above the rest.

At Kingly, discover an amazing assortment of hang tags. Varying material and size options, and uniquely die cut shapes, are available to suit a whole range of garments. All of our hang tags are die-cut for precision – another small Kingly detail that really adds value.

Choose from an ample range of durable coated stocks like silk matt laminate, gloss, pulp and 100% recycled stock carton to best suit your brand. You can choose to be different and decide on leather, steel, aluminium, rubber or wood. The choice is yours.

Send us your sketch today, indicating your choice of materials. We will create a full custom simulation for you.

Many speciality options exist. For example, hot foil blocking, foiling, distressing and embossing can be used to create just the effect you want. We have all the paper rings, strings, and metal eyelets you will need to create your full custom hang tags.


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