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Protective Packaging

Strong recyclable packaging means you get the goods in one piece!

Often, we hear of goods damaged in transit. It seems a lot of what’s sold is packaged wrong. It’s not ready for the journey. This is not what you expect from reputable suppliers. Yet, time after time, we hear of other companies with high wastage due to flimsy packaging.

Many producers and suppliers do not acknowledge the importance of packaging. At Kingly, we’re different. We take pride in our products and designs, including our packaging. Now we’ve gone to the next level: Kingly’s FFP or Frustration Free Packaging.

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Frustration Free Packaging (FFP)

We’re committed to good design and we’re committed to having our goods arrive in one piece. We’ve looked at the options and have been inspired by AMAZON. Their “Frustration-Free Packaging” was designed with the customer in mind – good product protection, packages are easy-open, and easier to re-cycle.

By December 2017, Amazon’s sustainable packaging innovations had eliminated 215,000 tons of packaging material and avoided using 360 million shipping boxes. Good for the customer. Good for the planet. Hats off to Amazon.

What is Kingly’s Frustration Free Packaging? Why is it so important?

It’s strong packaging. It’s is easy to open. It’s designed to eliminates the need for an additional

shipping box. We’re using recyclable corrugated board boxes.

Did we test them? Definitely! * We took our box, we threw it repeatedly on the floor from a height of 2 metres. And we threw it against the wall. We did it so much, even Karl got tired of throwing. So we checked on the contents.

The box had taken some damage but, when we opened it up, the content  were in perfect condition.

We really care for our customers and the environment. Knowing our products are great is important. So is integrity and trust. We’re constantly shocked at some of the fake products that get to market – and we’re shocked at some of the good products that don’t get there because of poor packaging.

Kingly. A brand you can trust. Our Frustration Free Packaging is part of that story.

*The tests that we describe should not be attempted at home or at work. Tests were conducted in a controlled environment and no people or animals were hurt in the process. We’re sorry about that spider, though.


*  Shipping cost not included


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