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Promotional Clothing & Corporate Apparel

There’s a reason Kingly are market leaders in promotional clothing and corporate apparel. It’s not just that we always deliver high quality, competitive prices and great value. Nor is it only that our products benefit from cutting edge design and attractive packing.


No. Our secret is simple: we lead the sector in responsibly sourced sustainable clothing. So you can be sure that your promotional apparel and corporate clothing makes a real impact, enhances your Corporate Social Responsibility and helps look after our planet.


From upcycled socks and cotton towels, to compressed T-shirts and luxurious bathrobes, we provide an unrivalled choice of promotional products and business apparel tailor-made for all branding and marketing activities.

Customized Apparel & Textiles

Our promotional T-shirts are always well received. They’re ideal to strengthen your brand and drive marketing campaigns.

Face coverings are here to stay. 

So make use of this supremely 

visible & brandable 

promotional apparel!

Towels are great promotional gifts and fit well with campaigns built around corporate apparel.

There’s nothing like a luxurious personalised bathrobe to help the wearer identify with a strong brand.

Timeless style and comfort meet powerful promotional clothing in our classic casual sports shirt.

We pride ourselves on supplying top quality customised shirts at realistic prices.

For comfort, style and impact it’s hard to beat a Kingly custom sweatshirt or classic hoodie.

For a slightly different angle on promotional clothing our range of non-piling*, non-shrinking* sweaters are just the ticket.

No-one says no to a beanie, and who doesn’t want a smart comfy scarf? 

Check them now!

Personalised and branded blankets are a powerful form of promotional merchandise and something that will be appreciated.

Maximise the impact of your promotional clothing with carefully designed labels and tags to match your branding.

Compressed Textiles

Giving a compact, or compressed, T-shirt is a memorable way to make a direct connection with the recipient.

Make a splash with promotional towels compressed and packaged into eye-catching shapes to deliver high impact marketing or advertising.

On the look-out for promotional clothing that will be used time and time again? Promotional compact socks are ideal.


Adding our luxury towels to your unique branding is a great way to reinforce your identity with guests.


Kingly bathrobes are beautifully comfortable to wear and deliver the quality that helps make your brand stand out.

High quality branded cosmetics and toiletries strengthen your ‘marque’ and create positive associations with your brand.

About our promotional apparel

High quality promotional clothing is at the heart of Kingly’s offering – we’re pleased to be the first stop for many leading businesses when they prepare for their next marketing campaign. It’s the same with business apparel and corporate clothing.

Our unique flexibility and turn-around times also mean that we respond quickly when it matters. We know the importance of delivering value and quality when it comes to promotional products, so we pay meticulous attention to detail and thrive on providing great customer service.

And because we care about the planet we share, our ethos of ethical production guarantees that all our claims to ecological responsibility are backed by internationally accepted tests and certification – that’s because we are Kingly, a brand you can trust.

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