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Compressed T-Shirts 100% Customized

With a proven track record on quality, price and reliability, we are widely considered to be the #1 producer and supplier of promotional compressed T-shirts in Europe and the US.

T-shirts are one of the most popular promotional merchandise. People love to ‘wear’ their favourite products and because T-shirts from Kingly are well made, people love to wear them all the more. Their promotional value lasts for years.

And compact, or compressed T-shirts add instant value. It’s amazing to see them expand and take on their natural unpackaged form! Kingly promotional compact T-shirts really create a buzz!

To see the true value of a compressed T-shirt, have a look at our successful case studies.

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How to use

Simply remove the shrink wrapping, discard the cartons responsibly (they’re recyclable) and place the T-shirt in water for a short while. It will quickly take on its natural shape. Remove from the water and dry.

Alternatively, just put it directly into the washing machine. It’s a simple as that!


Once soaked in water, or put through a washing machine, the compressed garment is unaffected by it’s time as a compact T-shirt. Shirt and branding have a 100 % ‘recovery’ from compression.

Instructions cans specify “Open, place in water, iron” or “Open, place in water, iron inside out”.

KINGLY has been at the forefront of developing printing inks that result in premium quality screen printing. Colours are true and images are clear and long lasting. We have consistently raised the bar of what’s possible, and we now surpass the standards of any other producer.

We aim to ensure total customer satisfaction. We’ll happily send you a sample so you can review the quality.



We offer the following types of screen printing:

  • From 1 to 10 spot colour printing on white garments using mostly water-based inks resulting in a soft hand / feel.
  • Four colour process printing onto white garments
  • Photographic reproduction onto dark garments using a special silk screen separation of up to 10 colours using plastisol inks or discharge printing.
  • Screen printing with glossy finish: after a garment is printed, we apply a special laminate to create a super glossy finish.
  • Discharge printing: creates an ultra-soft print onto dark garments. This is a method of printing where a colour destroying agent is screen printed onto the garment which in essence extracts the dyed fabric colour.

Our PANTONE REFERENCE INDEX ensures that we always obtain the correct Pantone colour when printing.

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