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Knitted Sweaters

The perfect knitted sweaters in a wide range of styles and thicknesses.


Made from blends that are soft, warm and comfortable – the definition of high-end knit quality.


Convenient sizes custom knitted to ensure the best possible fit.


No shrinking*, no piling.*

Upcycled options to help respect nature.


Themed and Ugly Sweaters – Christmas, Halloween etc – to your own special design!

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Upcycled Sweaters

At Kingly we’re always looking for an opportunity to make our products more environmentally friendly. In early 2020 we did it with knitted socks and won the 2020 Promotional Gift Award for our Upcycled Socks in Compositable Bags.


Now we’re doing the same with sweaters using upcycled cotton.


Kingly are proud to introduce eco-sustainable knitted sweaters that we know will be a hit. We’re proud to use upcycled cotton to deliver fashionable clothing that makes the most of available resources and helps you maintain your own environmental credentials.


What is upcycling?

Upcycled yarn is derived from used clothing and pattern cutting scraps from garment production. The upcycling process is mechanical.  No water, dyes or chemicals are used and the production process is near zero C02 and 50% solar powered factory.


With recycled textiles, waste is still subjected to a new manufacturing process using water, dyes and chemicals. Recycling is better than throwing away. But Upcycled Cotton has a significantly lower impact on the environment and we’re proud to be part of the movement to be gentler on our planet.

Upcycled cotton is readily available in up to 20 colours. We can produce other colours upon request.

Ugly Sweaters

Sweaters so ugly they are beautiful!


We’ve all had them – the Christmas themed sweater that shouts bad taste, tacky or gaudy. And the general consensus is that the more embellishments, like tinsel, reindeer, Santa Claus, candy canes, elves, presents etc., the uglier the sweater.


Well, while we know that is the opinion of many, we beg to differ. With our talented designer, now you have a choice. Sweater designs can look fancy – even a little outrageous – but at the same time fashionable.


From classic Fair Isle and festive patterns to Cheeky Santa, Lit Reindeer and Naughty Elf, we’ll have you covered. For years, these have been hugely popular and at Kingly we can create the ideal design to meet all your customers’ expectations. Get in touch to discuss your ideas; take your first step towards the perfect seasonal jumper.


PS: Did you know that there is a National Ugly Sweater Day? It’s celebrated on the third Friday of December. This year, 2020, it lands on the 18h of December.




We offer many gauges of sweaters but for the purpose of keeping things simple, we recommend 7/8 gauge which is the thicker sweater type we are accustomed to. Then we offer a 12 gauge sweater which is thinner and lighter.


Knitting gauge is the required number of stitches per inch horizontally, and the number of rows per inch vertically.


Why is this important? Because these measurements will determine the size and thickness of your finished sweater.

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