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Promotional Customized Towels

Towels make great promotional gifts. They’re practical and attractive, and the lucky recipient is very likely to use them more than once – most become firm favourites. So whether at home or on the beach, towels are strong marketing tools with a high perceived value, telling your customers that you care.


Our range of luxury towels has something for everyone, all with the same high quality and excellent value for money.


We produce towels for many purposes – whether it’s for direct promotions, personalised beach towels,  luxury towels for hotels, spa towels or a sports club, or to be compressed as a novelty item, we can advise you on the most suitable towel type and the most effective way to enhance your identity.


A choice of Jacquard Woven Towels, fully Printed Towels and Embroidered Towels means that we can easily match your specific requirements for weight, texture and finish. Branding is straightforward and we offer a free design service.

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Jacquard Woven Towels

Our full custom woven towels featuring your design is a powerful way to make a statement.

Join many satisfied customers who choose consistent quality and service – and remarkable value for money.

With the widest choice in weaving techniques, sizes and weights, we are sure to satisfy the needs of the most discerning customers. There is so much flexibility and choice. Every order is full custom woven, so different decorative techniques can be incorporated into the same towel.

To ensure the very best quality jacquard towels, we use 100% pure cotton manufactured to the OEKO TEX certification standards.


Jacquard weaving means that an area of flat fabric can be woven into the hem or face of the towel and this is where the design is placed. Up to 5 colours can be used with a border height of up to 14 cm. An additional border can be added to the towel.

The advantage of this process is that it’s more cost effective than embroidery. Additionally, the woven design is more sharply defined.

Border jacquard towels are best suited for logos and texts adopting the configuration of a rectangle or for long and narrow logos and texts. That way the logo and texts can placed for maximum impact. However, our skilled design team can usually suggest ways of dealing with complex patterns, so if you’ve previously found it hard to get the right quality, get in touch now.

Border jacquard towels also make it possible to combine different decorative techniques. For example, you can add a relief woven motif to the design and even a multicolour jacquard weave. 


They are also commonly known as high-low pile and relief woven jacquard. The logo and texts appear as a flat surface where the terry loops are missing.

There is no limit to the size and positioning of the logo on the towel.

These towels can be a single colour or multicolour. We use twisted double yarn (two ply terry) to allow for a more exact reproduction of the image.

We can visually sharpen and improve the reproduction of the logo by having the surface of the towel sheared, creating a fine velour finish. The reverse side of the towel will retain the standard terry texture loops and remains fully absorbent.

This style suits many brand identities and works especially well for towels for hotels or leisure clubs – where a logo or name can be subtly re-enforced with a high-quality product.


Two colour and multi-colour jacquard woven towels are some of our most popular promotional items – the overall effect is of sumptuous luxury, especially when the background colour complements the logo name perfectly.

By weaving from two or more yarn colours, an amazing and visually attractive looking towel can be created.

With an incredibly large branding area, the towel really is a “walking billboard”.  These towels can be combined with relief woven motifs, woven borders, jacquard woven hems, embroidery and so on. There many variations from which to choose – get in touch to explain what you need.

For bi-colour / multicolour towels there has to be a maximum of two colours per band. That is, one colour is the weft (left to right) and the other colour is the warp (top to bottom). There are no restrictions on the number of colours to be used. However, there are some limitations as to where they can be placed on the towel – talk to us so we can discuss the best options available.

Fully Printed Towels

Kingly have you covered when it comes to printed towels. You can choose from an amazing range of products, all designed specifically to meet your needs. Like all of our promotional items, custom printed towels can be designed for your exact requirements. They are ideal for very focused marketing campaigns or where a small production run is appropriate.

With minimum order quantities of only 50 units and no set up charges, who better to use than Kingly? With a wide range of sizes, weights and print techniques, we offer you flexibility and choice.

Why wait? Call us now to discuss what you have in mind.

You get “The best of both worlds”.

On the front side of the towel you have a 300 DPI super soft velour print and on the reverse side terry cotton loops in a towel of 400 gr/m2.


  • We use an all new TWIN FACE weave combining super soft microfibre velour on the printed side, with deep terry cotton loops on the reverse side.
  • Minimum quantity order is from only 50 units.
  • These luxury towels feature our unrivalled 300 DPI photo realistic printing! You can have your towels printed with confidence, knowing that images will be sharp and true – get in touch now for a sample.
  • Manufactured to OEKO TEX standards.
  • These towels are resistant to detergents and bleaching, and are washable up to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Absorbent, quick drying and wash fast.
  • Made in our European factory from 10 working days for the sizes 30 x 50, 30 x 130, 50 x 100, 70 x 140 and 80 x 160 cm.
  • Environmentally friendly through the use of fewer chemicals and less energy in the manufacturing and printing process.


 Manufactured with 100 % Kingly pure virgin cotton with a soft hand and great absorbency, these towels call out as amazing value for a top-quality product – they are ideal as promotional merchandise, and work really well as prizes or as part of range of incentives.

The beauty of these products is their simplicity. The terry towel is white and has a flat border into which the logo is printed. Both the towel and printed image are designed to be long lasting for maximum use and impact.

The price is the same if printed in 1 or full colour. A twin border towel is available and in addition there is a choice to have the towel dyed in pastel or light PMS colours.

Available in many sizes to include 30 x 50, 30 x 130, 50 x 90, 70 x 140 and 100 x 150 cm.


  • Rich in cotton, with a minimum weight of 400 gr/m2.
  • Our unrivalled 300 DPI photo realistic output printing guarantees beautifully sharp patterns and images – so you get superior promotional merchandise.
  • High definition grain free printing with fine details is now a reality for spot colours and the four colour process.
  • Excellent durability for both the towel and print. Colours wash well and stay fast!
  • Manufactured to OEKO TEX standards.
  • Made in Europe with a lead time from only 10 working days.


Classic English tea towels with digital print or silk screen print.

No selection of promotional gifts would be complete without one of these timeless custom tea towels.

Many quality types are available, to include promo and premium. We also have a FAIR TRADE organic tea towel available. The Minimum Order Quantity is from only 50 units.

There are 2 compositions: 100% cotton or 100% polyester with a soft hand.


While the traditional textile print industry is still accustomed to mass production with long-runs, digital inkjet dye sublimation is typically used for short run textile products.

It gives you much more choice and flexibility, making it easier to respond strategically to market conditions.

One of the great benefits of sublimation ink is that the colorants bond with the fibre during sublimation or fixation. And using aqueous-based sublimation ink means the absence of hazardous components as found in UV-curable, solvent-based and, even, in latex inks.

Kingly offer a wide range of digital printing onto fabrics such as polyester and cotton.

Digitally printable textiles include velour towels, aprons, bandanas, eye masks, bean bags, bike saddle covers, oven gloves, pot holders, headrest covers, cushions, seat covers, travel neck pillows, non-woven banners, pop up systems, stadium cushions, pennants, flags, scarves, baby bibs, table cloths, carpets, bar runners, floor mats and printed microfiber lanyards.

If you’ve got a project in mind, make sure you get in touch. You’ll be surprised at how flexible and dynamic this system can be.

Embroidered Towels

Kingly embroidered towels are the perfect option when you require the absolute minimum order quantity, perhaps because your target audience is very niche, or you are testing the water.

The towel is usually a plain dyed terry towel, with or without a border.

We offer outstanding high-quality embroidery. Embroidered logos are the most exclusive, highly personal opportunity for communicating your image at the most attractive value-for-money rates, even for small runs.

We offer

  • Up to 8 embroidered colours
  • Minimum quantity order from only 50 units
  • Maximum embroidery area of 40 x 60 cm

The physical needle and thread process of embroidery means there are some limitations to what can be done. Embroidery suits fine detail but it’s best to eliminate colour gradients and shading from logos, as they very difficult to replicate. Strong clear designs work best. After the logo design is digitized, we supply an embroidered sample for approval.

Embroidering add a special touch to any promotional gift – what could be better that a personalised beach towel?

Zero Twisted Towels

Commonly known as FLUFFY towels, these are made with especially long fibres that are woven into extra long loops with less twist on the yarn.


These loops are comprised of 120 fibers, compared to 30 to 40 for a regular terry towel. This means the staple is longer and superior to the qualities of the commonly used Egyptian Cotton. The towels are dyed with azo-free reactive dyes that are eco-friendly.


The high fibre count not only looks and feels fantastic, it also provides extreme absorption, at 250% faster than a regular cotton towel.


Kingly zero twisted towels are exceptionally soft, absorbent, quick drying and non-linting. They are simply irresistible!

Organic Cotton Towels

Kingly has a strong commitment to a cleaner planet and sustainability has always been at the forefront of our business model.

For this reason, we adhere to 6 kinds of certifications: FAIR TRADE, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, C2C, RCS & FSC.

All organic cotton towels are made ethically with eco-minded materials. Azo free dyes are used and the manufacturing process is closely monitored to meet and exceed all requirements.


Ordering is simple. You send us the artwork and we will do the rest!

Once your design is approved, we will send you a computer-generated layout of your towel design.

Additionally, we will send you a sample lab dip, which will see the actual colours that you will require woven into the towel.

Once the lab dibs are approved, we then dye the yarn according to the colour of the lab dip.

What’s a Lab dip? 

This is a “visual aid” for how a colour will look when it is dyed into a fabric. We supply a small piece of terry fabric dyed (refer to the above photo as an example) with your requested colour.

If a woven towel sample is produced, (subject to certain conditions*) the sample will probably vary from the lab dip that is provided. This is because we will use in-stock colour yarn to weave the towel sample – but the lap dip sample will be the colours you’ll get in the actual product, matched to your original specifications.

Note: If you use a Pantone Color Swatch, the printed colours on paper will appear to look different to a texturized fabric.

Production of the order will only commence once the lab dip is approved – if you’re not happy with the lab dip colour then we will be pleased to submit you another sample.  For production, the original colour swatch is no longer used as a point of reference, but the lab dip itself.

Once confirmed, the dyeing process of the yarn takes place in accordance to the confirmed lab dip sample. The lab dip will be reviewed in a light box / spectrometer set at the correct light source of daylight to eliminate any margin of human error and to correctly match your colour.

However, occasionally a client will require a physical sample of the woven towel, using standard in stock colours and lab dips.

This is possible. For a sample towel to be woven, the volume of the order has to exceed a minimum order quantity. This varies according to the size and weight of the towel.



In this animation we show case an example of a full custom relief woven towel.

The towel in question is a 450 gr/m2, 30 x 50 cm uni colour relief woven towel (embossed design) yarn dyed to Pantone.  It has a woven label and cotton hang loop.


  1. Spinning of the yarn, 100% cotton.
  2. Yarn dying to Pantone.
  3. Designing.
  4. Weaving of the terry fabric.
  5. Piece dying.
  6. Confection and labelling.

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