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Rosen Boyadzhiev: At Kingly, everything is fast and colourful

Rosen Boyadzhiev is one of Kingly’s masterminds behind the sock-knitting magic. He is one of our Mechanical Engineers with three decades of hands-on experience in the textile industry. Rosen has a passion for creating complex socks and he is constantly pushing the boundaries of creativity. Off-duty, he finds joy in strategic chess matches and expresses his creativity through soulful guitar melodies. Let’s get to know him better.

Rosen, what inspired your journey into the world of sock creation? What set off the spark that fueled your passion for crafting socks?

It happened by chance. I started working at а company called “Pheasant” in Ruse. Then I was headhunted by two other companies. Later, I spent 15 years at Delta Textiles which was the largest specialized company for sock production in Bulgaria. It had 600 employees and over 600-700 machines. I was in the “Development” department with another one of my colleagues. We were focused on creating samples. Nothing else. The idea was to do what we are best at. It was extremely uplifting. I was creating very complicated socks on top-quality machines.

You have been on board with us for the past nine months. I’m curious to learn what drives your enthusiasm each day in your role at Kingly. 

I have freedom of action here. I have more experience than anyone at the company and help with training the new technicians. Rob and I are lucky to have found each other because I have worked with those types of machines before.

Which holds greater significance: possessing the latest state-of-the-art machines or cultivating a team of proficient sock machine operators adept at maximizing the efficiency of any machine they work with? 

Both are important. Here, at Kingly, everything is fast and colourful. We have exactly the machines we need. Everything works out just fine and our clients love our socks. Rob had a vision of what could be done with the machines he bought. I could not deny that.

Rosen working with Kingly's inhouse machines.

How fulfilling do you find the experience of teaching other technicians to operate the sock-knitting machines?

This is a very difficult training. At Kingly, I believe that my trainee Ali is going to become a master. He detects if there are any mistakes and is very interested in the job.

What would you say about the atmosphere in the company? Is there a sense of teamwork within the company?

First and foremost, I think Rob, our CEO, is a good person. He manages to inspire people and lift their spirits. The atmosphere is nice. I like the people. We have a team working with Busi Giovanni machines and another – which I am leading – with Sangiacomo machines. I believe they work well together.

What do you like to do in your spare time, when you are off-duty?

I like watching series like Lost and Breaking Bad. I also like sci-fi movies. I like to play chess and I also play the guitar.

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