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Shipping from Kingly to the UK has never been so easy. Zero import duties! No fuss!

A message from Kingly to our friends in Great Britain.

Everyone has their own horror stories from the last year. And no-one should underestimate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, socially as well as economically. But there are also a lot of myths and, to coin a phrase, plenty of ‘fake news’.

Fact-Checking is important

In the UK, not only is the country fighting the pandemic, but it is also coming to terms with Brexit. Both these come with floods of information flowing through the news and social media. Some of that – and as luck would have it, it’s often highly visible – is misleading. One of those myths is that importing into the UK from Europe is complicated and expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Recognising the reality

It is true that some suppliers have failed to explain how new import arrangements work. For example, you’ll have heard of the woman who bought a dress online and ended up paying twice the cost in so-called ‘import duties’.
Of course, the news media love these stories. They love the misery.

Many such stories hide the fact that lots of these products originated outside the EU and that extra costs include the charges made by forwarding agents who aren’t doing their job properly. But if you have a reliable supplier, a good business partner, in the EU, the reality is that it’s easy to import into the UK.

The good news from Kingly Central

So here’s the news from Kingly Ltd in Sofia, Bulgaria: delivering to the UK is simple. There are zero import duties. Paperwork is straightforward. Fulfilment is something we know inside out. Customer satisfaction is high.
On top of this, our business has been growing and continues to do so. Our production facilities have been upgraded and expanded and our warehousing has increased to match. Our turnaround times are quick. We have more staff and we’re all driven by a passion to increase our range of ethically sourced and sustainably produced goods.

Some customers have been worried about VAT – but there is nothing to be anxious about. Goods leaving Kingly (in Bulgaria, in the EU) are zero-rated for VAT, with the appropriate rate applied by UK HMRC when the goods enter Britain. With declarations completed accurately, this is not something that interferes with the smooth transit of goods. Most typically, the VAT you owe on imports will be paid via Postponed VAT Accounting – and again, typically, will be a deduction by HMRC from repayments due to you in your VAT monthly or quarterly reconciliations. This is an automatic process. Your goods flow normally to their destinations and you can focus on business as usual.

Fulfilment, Fulfilment, Fulfilment

At Kingly we know a thing or two about fulfilment. Not only are our products of the highest quality and excellent value, but our manufacturing times are also short and we deliver promptly. We can arrange conventional delivery to a single corporate address, or you can take advantage of our direct to customer service. With many employees and customers still home-based, getting your goods to the destination can be hard.

At Kingly, we have the solution. Quite simply, we send your promotional merchandise directly to the end recipient. No fussy paperwork, no logistics ‘challenges’ – just delivery to the door with proof of delivery on top. And VAT reconciliation is not affected by this personalised delivery service. Most of our products are suitable for letterbox delivery and if you add in our options on frustration-free packaging and packing that is recycled and recyclable, you’re set all set for an easy journey with plenty of added value.

Facts First

So to our friends in the UK: take heart. Ignore the doom-mongers. Reflect on how life has changed since the start of 2020 and how we can move forward together. We recognise too that business continues. Look at the facts and
remember that we are Kingly, a brand you can trust.

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