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Take time to face your fear, let it become your friend

Fear is a fuel inside of us that restricts our power of pursuing our dreams. Fear can also be an empowerment of what is coming, that we need to be ready for. I have learned to live with lots of fear. For me, it has become a motivator. In fact – a friend. It empowers me to take it head-on and overcome it. I mean how many times do you fear something from happening and it never does? Let fear become your friend too.

Now living in fear has a completely different perspective and concept. There are people who live in fear, because of the knowledge that they can achieve success. “It might sound crazy“, but this is actually true. People fear success. They really do…While there are people in the world who embrace it abundantly and love the attention and the energy it brings.

With success, there is responsibility. Which is not always a bad thing, depending on the individual. There are people who live in the fear of knowing, that they can have, whatever they deserve and desire in life. Why would you not want, what is destined for you?

We all have a fear inside of us, that many of us deny or do not want to admit. Just admitting it to ourselves can bring out our unwanted attention to detail within ourselves. Knowing that now we have acknowledged it, we have to redeem ourselves and do something about it.

Developing success from your failures is the prime example of you becoming and embracing your fears. Never be afraid to give up the good, to be abundantly and positively great instead. They are two different things. Don’t fear mistakes, even though, I believe nothing is a mistake in life, yet a lesson we take with us in order to evolve.

Remember, life is how you perceive it. A lot of things in life Stem from trauma that we all have, even if it is in the slightest, or memories or actions. Which can turn into fear of living in your past, trying to live in your future, for always wanting to be in control. For having anxiety because of the pressure of life.
We all hide something, that has a detrimental effect on our lives. But the key to happiness is finding the peace within it all.

How you do that, is completely up to you, but do it so it does not impact another person’s life negatively.
Never let fear stop you from your destiny. Embrace it and know it. Never let someone force their opinion onto you, to make you feel fearful.

The sad fact is that people love the power of knowing that you hold fear in your heart for them. Remember we are all powerful individuals who have the power within us to eliminate fear.

Use your power to do something great, even with the fear inside of us, walk towards it and watch what happens. Find the time to face your fears, it will empower you!

Continue to be kind to one another & keep saving the Planet Earth.

– Rob Armour, CEO of Kingly

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