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The Gold Standard for Sustainability Explained

The pursuit of sustainability has become a hallmark of responsible business practices. However, amidst the myriad of green initiatives and eco-friendly claims, distinguishing genuine sustainability from superficial gestures can be challenging.

At Kingly, we are setting the Gold Standard for Sustainability in textile manufacturing. With unwavering dedication to positive environmental impact, social responsibility, and uncompromising quality, Kingly stands as a paragon of eco-conscious innovation.

Central to Kingly‘s ethos are these six pillars — Planet, People, Marketplace, Community, Transparency, and Traceability. They form the foundation of our holistic approach to sustainability. From crafting eco-friendly promotional products to fostering inclusivity and welfare to supporting societal well-being, Kingly’s commitment embodies a profound responsibility towards humanity and the planet.

Positioned as one of Europe’s leading producers of sustainable textiles, at Kingly we empower clients to enhance their brand visibility with earth-friendly corporate gifts. Our groundbreaking Anti-Greenwashing Validation System stands as a beacon of integrity in an era plagued by greenwashing — the deceptive practice of overstating environmental credentials. Through rigorous accreditations and audits, including SMETA Pillar 4, ISO certifications, and OEKO-TEX standards, Kingly ensures that every aspect of its production process adheres to the highest ethical and environmental standards.

Every product under the Gold Standard for Sustainability umbrella has its sustainability report crafted by BCome – a third-party organization ensuring responsible supply chains and full transparency. Here are just a few examples of the benefits of the green products that Kingly creates for the promotional merchandise industry:

Euro Eco Cotton Socks

  • Kingly sources conventional cotton from certified EU suppliers, ensuring economic viability and sustainability;
  • Enhanced comfort: extra soft, pre-shrunk cotton with additional softener;
  • Increased durability: cotton strengthener ensures longevity with proper care;
  • The incorporation of Polygiene antimicrobial silver salt results in fewer washes and effective odor prevention;
  • Every pair comes with a branded sock tag made from recycled materials, along with a compostable bag at no extra cost.

Upcycled Cotton Socks 

GOTS Organic Cotton Socks

  • Winners of the Promotional Gift Award 2022;
  • Accredited to the Global Organic Textile Standard, ensuring authenticity and sustainability: License CU1087797
  • Free from chemical pesticides, GMO seeds, and synthetic fertilizers, these GOTS organic cotton socks foster biodiversity and natural cycles;
  • Kingly’s GOTS accreditation is backed by meticulously audited transaction certificates;
  • Every pair comes with a recycled branded sock tag and a compostable bag at no extra cost.

Every order placed with Kingly means more than just receiving top-notch products. We are building upon our FSC certification, leading the charge against deforestation, and planting 10 trees for every order through our partnership with Greenspark. This way we are also:

• Supporting UN-accredited projects and empowering communities worldwide;
• Contributing to reforestation efforts and protecting ecosystems;
Fighting extreme poverty through sustainable employment opportunities.

Sustainability is our guiding principle towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come. What truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to transparency and traceability. Through unwavering dedication to environmental integrity, social equity, and ethical business practices, Kingly stand as a shining example of what’s possible when purpose and profit converge.

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Discover more about the Gold Standard for Sustainability by watching the video below. 



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