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The People of Kingly – Ginka

If you know her, she is unforgettable. This is the woman you look up to, the woman you want to grow to be; the woman who exemplifies the true energy of empowerment.

This story is of an inspiring woman whose capabilities and inner strength hold the true essence of female power. Meet our heroine, Ginka. She is the oldest on our team, but also the strongest and the wisest. She’s an example to women everywhere, and to men too.

This is a person who earns your respect from the first firm handshake. With her reputation for high standards, one look from Ginka will tell you when you’re in trouble! But this is tempered by warmth and compassion; this is someone you can trust.

Born into a middle-class family, Ginka was something of a rebel as a child. And those early years are clear in the strong personality you meet today, embracing the true strength of an independent woman. Ginka is not a person to be held back. Her energy is truly endless.

At school, she says she wasn’t the best of students. Literature, history, and geography were her favorite subjects. Maybe that is what made her a great and witty storyteller.

Her first job was at a railway station, then working in many industries throughout the years. At the same time, she raised two strong sons. Her parents helped, so she could work in shifts. She was a full-time working woman as well as a mother. Her husband travelled a lot for work, so she became used to making decisions on her own. 

Ginka takes great inspiration from her father, his strong work ethic and his sense of right and wrong. These she has inherited, as well as his ability to be that shoulder to lean on when times are tough, just as he did for Ginka when her mother died. His own passing, she says, was the hardest time of her life, but she also remembered the example he set and this has helped her be the strong person she is today.

About herself, Ginka says she has always worked in mainly male environments. Her positions were always labour intensive, but she worked equally with the men and made sure no-one could doubt the quality of her work – and in every job she has quickly become a person of authority – only a foolish man would dare criticize her work. Being a woman in a male world is hard, but Ginka has succeeded time and time again.  

About this, she says, the most important thing is for a woman to be respected; that is earned by behavior, principles, and the energy she radiates. Simple things like punctuality are part of it, but it is equally important to show that you will not back down just because you’re a woman. She points out that once your strength of character is clear, things get a little easier, so backing down has never been an option for her.

After the passing of her mother, Ginka was even more a woman in a man’s world: her colleagues were mostly men and at home, she lived with her father, husband, and two sons. This has definitely contributed to her rich personality and her natural aura of authority. Today, her greatest joy is her grandchildren. She loves spending time with them, taking walks, going on vacation together, and cooking for them the meals her grandparents made for her when she was a child, handing down traditions that were handed down to her.

Asked “How does a woman become strong?”, she says: “Those difficult moments and having to solve life’s problems on your own is what makes or breaks the strength of a female.” “And,” Ginka adds, “there is no recipe for strength, but life offers us the opportunity to become independent and emancipated as women. It is our responsibility to do this for ourselves and to set this example so the young women of today can claim their equality more easily.” 

At Kingly, Ginka is something of a legend. She embodies the energy we’ve become known for. Hard work holds no fears, she says, because it helps her relax and put aside the daily worries of life. She does remember some stressful moments though, and her colleagues can vouch for her when dealing with an enormous order for branded pens. Her positivity and energy helped everyone defy the odds and made sure we met the tightest of deadlines.

Is there a ‘take away’ from this story? For us at Kingly it is that the perseverance of a woman is not just the key to her success; it is also the main factor making her so incredibly strong and full of energy. 

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