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The Power of People and the Mind

I came to the conclusion in my mind, that we all have the time of our birth and death written on our foreheads. Yet cannot see it. Time can be invisible, making our bodies and mindsets change incredibly, with unawareness of how powerful time is, and the understanding of what time is and does for each of us.

Time is constantly ticking. What you do with your time plays a detrimental role and has a constant effect on your life, and the awareness of what is meant to be.

They say over 90% of our thoughts in our conscious mind never happen.

Yet the essence of our being is such a graceful thing, but we must understand that time doesn’t wait for anyone. The time that we spend with people is precious, so why do so many of us spend so much time fighting each other, constantly manifesting unnecessary negativity, when our mindsets can be used to create something masterful and positive?

The power of us as people shows that we believe in something, that we all have been through, and that we all have a need for change, that means something to us.

Your life is a divine gift. And often the people whose light shines to brightness have a tendency to make the people whose light is the dimmest or shines the lowest come to the surface, with incredible force.

Sometimes the people with the brightest light must stand alone, and defend what their destiny has insured for them.

The most beautiful thing about being a person whose light shines brightly is that you know that you are there to create change. And although the healing process for us may be abundantly different, hard, and sometimes overwhelming, we know that we can’t just be like everyone else and walk away.

If we walk away, sometimes is as bad as the person, who is trying to dim our light.

So if anyone in the world tries to dim your light, “SHINE BRIGHTER” and be STRONGER.

Because we are the real power of the people.

Continue to be kind to one another.

– Rob Armour, CEO of Kingly

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