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To stink or not to stink? (That is the question)

A three-day trial with Kingly’s new socks for diabetics

Never say that at Kingly we don’t like a challenge! We developed socks specifically for people with diabetes. They’ve got seamless toes and a super luxury fit and feel. We included an extra dimension by adding Polygiene for ultimate freshness. But would it do what it says on the label?

There was only one way to find out: put it to the test. Always ready to lead by example, our fearless MD, Rob Armour, undertook a three-day trial. Well, Rob may have been fearless, but for those of us in the same building… let’s just say we were part of the experiment too.  Here’s Rob’s report.

Socks on trial – Day 1

Finding the right socks for fresh feet can be a struggle, so let’s have a look. First, a fantastic fit. The socks are comfortable and non-constrictive with a lot of play in the cuff, but not so loose that the socks will slip down. The perfect balance.

They have a great feel too; super soft with Terry cushioning on the sole, which is an added pleasure. They are made of 90% organic cotton, sourced from regions where cotton production does not compromise local water supplies, so a plus there as well.

After a few hours, I notice how the socks are still odor-free. Moisture-wicking is good and it genuinely feels like you’re not wearing socks.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Socks on Trial  – Day 2

Really getting into the swing of this now. Yesterday I was in trainers most of the time, but spent the evening at home walking around in the socks. So, they’re starting to pick up a bit of dirt, but the bright white is still shining through.  I have to say, and I am very impressed … the socks are odor-free.

All-day in the office wearing work shoes and a meeting later with more formal leather shoes – very comfortable feet: ankles nice and relaxed and feet feeling fresh throughout the day. This Polygiene really is the business.

Socks on Trial – Day 3

Quite a full-on day. Up early and to the warehouse before getting to the factory and office just after 8.15 am. Lots of brisk walking already (why drive if you can walk and the distance isn’t great?). Invigorated by the exercise.

And the feet are just fine. They’re comfortable and dry. Feeling really good right now.

Later in the afternoon, finally, time to stop for 5 minutes. I’ve quite forgotten about the three-day trial. And people here still talk to me like normal. No pointed sniffs and not a clothes-peg-on-nose in sight.

End of the day? The socks are in tad dirty but hey, what’s to expect from white socks? And still with fresh feet! Just goes to show that Polygiene really does the job.

So, there it is. Rob wore the same pair of socks for three days and we’re all ok, including the socks! Now, no doubt some people will turn their nose up at wearing socks for 3 days but it’s genuinely thought-provoking.

We think that if you tried socks with Polygiene, you’d reconsider, and maybe start wearing socks for more than just one session.

There’s a serious point here – Polygiene isn’t just about fresh feet, although that is important. Polygiene is at the forefront of a movement to reduce waste and pollution caused by the avoidable washing of clothes. Without odors, clothes can be washed less frequently; they last longer and we use fewer detergents and less energy. Want to know more? See the video on Polygiene.

And if you want some proof about those socks? To try them out yourself simply write to service@wearekingly.com

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