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Top 11 industries using textile merchandise and sophisticated corporate gifts – Part 1

Respectable companies around the world know that business gifts are an essential part of unfolding their marketing strategy. They are a great way to boost brand awareness and leave a long-lasting impression. Also, they provide a fantastic opportunity to strengthen relationships with employees, clients and business partners.

However, choosing the right business gifts can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride. They need to be relevant, useful and appealing. Ideally, they will be personalized in a way that your clients will appreciate. And naturally, businesses want to avoid overspending on promotional merchandise items that could end up in a dusty corner, or – the unimaginable – in the bin.

So, today we encourage you to follow in the footsteps of 11 industries that not only love using corporate giveaways but know how to do it smartly, imaginatively and cost-effectively.

 1. Oil & Gas

The oil & gas industry is one of the most profitable of all sectors and the biggest in the world in terms of dollar value. It plays an essential role in the global economy. But between rising consumer demand, price turbulence and geopolitical controversy that affect supplies, there are always risks to consider.

However, there are companies within this billion-dollar industry that stay strong and continue to amaze their clients. A while back, one of these, Wintershall, contacted Kingly in search of the perfect promotional gift. We were happy to create some barrel-shaped compact T-shirts for them. The glory of those merchandise items hasn’t faded to this day.

2. Food & Beverages

Did you know that coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after crude oil? No wonder there is a coffee shop on every corner. And because we, at Kingly, are often able to unleash our creative power over a cup of Joe, we came up with a stunning idea on how to pack the perfect corporate gifts for coffee shop owners. We created compact towels compressed into a shape suitable to fit a coffee cup, and resembling the gentle foam on a cappuccino.

Every now and then we also get a big order for compact T-shirts compressed in the unmistakable shapes of Coca-Cola bottles or cans. They make the perfect giveaway present for any promotional event that the giant organizes. Plus, these products create a long-lasting buzz, especially on social media. They also give the change for this big company to become more approachable and reliable.

3. Spirits & Brewing

An interesting trend when it comes to the spirits industry is that brands now focus on low- and non-alcoholic drinks. And it seems as if the Covid-19 pandemic completely altered the way those businesses promote themselves. Now the focus is on wellbeing – as the “sober curious” and “mindful drinking” movements are unfolding – and on being responsible to the environment.

We have worked with numerous companies at the heart of the brewing and spirits sector such as Corona, Don Papa Rum, Ron Barcelo and others. It’s notable that they have a very creative way of approaching the customer, with an increasing emphasis on sustainability. They’re interested not only in choosing sustainable merchandise, but also in making sure the essencing which matches the products and their corporate and brand identity is sustainable too.

4. Perfume & Beauty

One of our favourite case studies includes a Stella McCartney perfume launch. We had to create compact organic cotton T-shirts compressed to a shape that was almost an exact replica of the original perfume bottle. The return on investment for the brand was incredible as these exciting corporate gifts added more value for less money.

Kingly has over 150 existing shapes in stock ready for compressed products – typically for promotional towels and compact T-shirts, but bags and socks can also be compressed for any corporate or promotional event. If one of our standard shapes isn’t quite right, at Kingly we can create a customized shape to match any product shape and include the brand’s logo.

5. Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industries are powerful tools, able to shed light on business, innovation and social activities. Media rely on businesses to advertise their products so they can reach a broader audience. It’s no surprise that media executives love to show appreciation to the companies that support them.

That being said, we could share an interesting case study with you. Some time ago, CNN commissioned 250 gifts for a conference in Dubai. The problem was that Kingly had only 12 days to prepare and deliver the goods. The broadcast company selected our compact T-shirts as promotional gifts, and Kingly managed to deliver the gifts on time.

6. Automotive

The EU car and automobile market are expected to have shrunk by over a quarter in 2022 compared to pre-pandemic levels. Many manufacturers are looking for exclusive new ways to impress future prospects and loyal clients.

Working with advertising agencies whose clients are giants in the automobile industry, we can offer them customized promotional merchandise in shapes that resemble specific car models. The great thing is that these gifts can be used over and over again, making their life span longer than just a single campaign. We applaud them for always choosing eco-friendly textile promotional items.

We admire any company’s efforts toward sustainability. In fact, we were captivated by the creative vision invested in the all-electric Grecale Folgore SUV by Maserati. Not to mention, we’re truly inspired by the fact that recycled fishing nets recovered from the seas have been used in creating the interior of the car.

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