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Top 11 industries using textile merchandise and sophisticated corporate gifts – Part 2

Respectable companies around the world know that business gifts are an essential part of unfolding their marketing strategy. They are a great way to boost brand awareness and leave a long-lasting impression. Also, they give a fantastic opportunity to strengthen relationships with employees, clients and business partners.

However, choosing the right business gifts and personalising them in a way that your clients would appreciate can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride. Businesses don’t want to spend way too much money on promotional merchandise items that would end up in a dusty corner, or – the unimaginable – in the bin. Here is part 2 of our article which encourages you to follow the footsteps of 11 industries that not only love giving corporate gifts away but know how to do it in an innovative, imaginative and cost-effective way.

7. Information technology – IT industry

When it comes to innovation we can’t help but think of how technology finds creative and more efficient ways to organize business processes and drive science forward to reaching the unthinkable. It is not usual for those types of companies to create welcome packs for their new employees – with personalized T-shirts, towels, hoodies or socks, onboarding tools, branded pens and notebooks. These items help the newcomers feel accepted and valued. This is a good way to boost employee engagement and your brand visibility. It also gives people a sense of belonging to the people who work for this company. Also, work anniversary gifts help celebrate success and loyalty. A great way to show employees who work remotely that the company cares about them is to send them corporate care packages. And IT companies never forget their business partners and suppliers, especially during the Christmas season.

8. Sports industry

Corporate gifting is a great way to build loyalty and fan excitement. Teams or sports players have a great possibility to unlock an unforgettable experience for their fans and connect it with something tangible that can leave a long-lasting impression. Nurturing the relationship with the fans is essential as they are the ones who pay for tickets to the games they want to enjoy. The unboxing experience they could share on social media can bring even more exposure to the sports player or team. Building a special platform with corporate gifts can even give fans the opportunity to customize their own merchandise.

9. Film and motion picture industry

Every movie or series premier is linked to a lot of publicity. Promoting the film requires a lot of strategic planning, executing advertising campaigns and personalizing promo gifts for the fans in the countries the motion picture is about to reach. Giveaways are a great way to create excitement around the movie and reach even broader audiences. In these situations, corporate or business gifts generate joy, evoke emotion and inspire loyalty. Everything you do – picking the promo products, creating the packaging and bringing out your message to the world – should have a purpose. That is how you would reach your goals.

10. Engineering industry

Ever wondered what a great business gift for an engineer at a world-renowned company is? We did a little research and found out that calculator rulers, caliper pens and sharpened pencil stress balls are a huge hit. However, we came up with another solution for our client AEG. We created a sophisticated business gift that is not only practical but it also creates a lot of buzz among loyal employees, reliable business partners and dependable suppliers. We compressed some towels and packed them as household washing machines. The “wow” effect was accomplished with some client-specific details. This made the company more approachable, relatable and reachable. Compressing T-shirts into drill shapes was another creative idea we had over at Kingly and our clients from Bosch were ecstatic.

11. Shipping industry

Sometimes companies, especially those involved in the shipping industry, need to make an extra effort to show their employees exactly how valuable they are. And it doesn’t always have to be during the holiday season. In fact, celebrating significant milestones can help the members of any team feel appreciated. Also, the connection a company has with business partners also needs to be fostered. Corporate gifts that leave a long-lasting impression and inspire a response can help any business grow and reach new horizons. Also, while choosing personalized, valuable and functional promotional gifts you humanize your company and make it more reliable in the eyes of prospects, clients and partners.

Breaking the pattern of slapping a logo on a cheap promo item, like a pen, a stress ball or a coffee mug, can bring you an unimaginable return on investment. Creating customized business gifts can take your company to a completely different level, as it will rise employee engagement and enhance relationships with partners and suppliers. Sending a personalized message with the corporate gifts you have chosen to present your company with is always a smart business move. Don’t hesitate to combine high-quality sustainable products in creative packaging that will not only impress others but would be gentle to the environment.

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