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Top 3 reasons why socks make great Christmas promotional gifts

Custom socks are practical, personal, and memorable. They’re great promotional items. They are gifts that are always in order and stand out with fun designs and a strong brand identity.

They are a great way to wow your clients who are tired of receiving pens, mugs and calendars every single Christmas. They are also a way to impress your loyal employees and show them that you value their work this year. Last but not least, they are a cost-effective marketing tool when it comes to increasing your brand awareness.

Let’s dig deep into why you should choose socks as corporate gifts this Christmas.

1. Marketing opportunity

Many promotional presents can be tedious and predictable, with a poor return on investment. However, socks with fun designs are memorable and create a great buzz around them. Investing in Christmas gifts gives you a great opportunity to make your business stand out from the competition. Plus, it’s fantastic to have a tangible product that your clients or partners can associate with your brand, your values and your ideas. They are also a great way to reconnect with clients that you haven’t heard from in a while.

2. Return on investment – ROI

Branded socks are a budget-friendly option to build customer loyalty. Also, they are highly valued by those who are already familiar with your company and are ready to become your brand ambassadors. That means they’ll promote your company because they believe in your vision and mission – and because they believe in the added value of your products. Their testimonials are the most valuable review you can possibly get to build trust and position yourself as a reliable business. Also, they have a long lifespan and can help develop a healthy corporate culture.

3. Sustainable alternative

Leaving a cleaner, better environmental footprint is at the heart of every major corporation’s corporate responsibility program. It comes as no surprise that the apparel / promotional items they choose need to be eco-friendly in order to reflect those values. Moreover, clients are more likely to support businesses that tackle issues around important resources like water and energy, as well as reduce the use of chemicals that lead to fatal diseases. Socks are a great option as they can be created with eco-friendly materials.

How to make the right choice?

Kingly’s fantastic offering for Christmas features the 2 best sellers:

Classic Crew Socks – KS04, and Classic Crew Thermal Socks – KS09 (with full terry lining inside). These socks can be manufactured in:

  • Euro Cotton – Conventional cotton from ethical producers within the European Union;
  • Upcycled Cotton – High-quality reprocessed cotton – Provides significant savings in water, resources and pollutants;
  • GOTS organic cotton – Chemical-free, sustainably produced and processed. Transaction certificate available.

Award-winning products

Kingly has been awarded the prestigious Promotional Gift Award 2020 for their upcycled socks in compostable bags. This product is one of the most sustainable merchandise options on the market. Tech giants like Samsung and Google favor the company’s upcycled socks.

Furthermore, Kingly is one of only 52 GOTS-certified sock knitting manufacturers worldwide. Their award-winning GOTS organic cotton socks always steal smiles at any promotional event, not to mention on social media.

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