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Top 5 Eco Promo Gifts To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Respectable companies around the world know that gifts are an essential part of unfolding promotional strategy. They are a great way to boost brand awareness and leave a long-lasting impression. Also, they give a fantastic opportunity to strengthen relationships with employees, clients and business partners. Socks are some of the most cherished promotional products. And Kingly’s socks bring added value. Not only by taking care of the environment but also by taking care of the employees who stand behind the production of every order. For our most popular types of socks – Crew Socks and Sports Socks – we use Organic cotton, accredited to the Global Organic Standard, Upcycled Cotton and Euro Cotton.

1. Award-winning GOTS Socks

Kingly is the single GOTS-certified producer in the UK and 1 of only 52 GOTS-certified sock knitters worldwide. Our GOTS organic cotton socks have been awarded the Promotional Gift Award 2022. They are composed of 80% organic GOTS cotton, 17% eco-friendly regenerated polyamide, and 3% elastane. Spun with care and comfort, it is kind to your skin and so much gentler on the planet. No chemical pesticides, genetically modified seeds, or artificial fertilisers have been used in the cultivation of cotton. Discover this product’s sustainability report by BCome via this link.

2. Gold Standard Upcycled Socks

Kingly use upcycled yarn that repurposes textile waste and gives it a new life. We empower our clients to visualise the amount of preserved water and energy, as well as the reduction of landfill space and carbon emissions. This is possible because of our sustainability calculator. Last year we helped our clients save an astonishing 34 537 442 litres of water and 128 908 kw/h of energy. The carbon emissions have been minimised with 52 886 kg and 5833 m² have been prevented from turning into landfill. These socks have been awarded the Promotional Gift Award 2020. Learn more about last year’s preserved resources here and about BCome’s sustainability report here.

3. Euro Cotton Socks

As a responsible company, we always choose to work with ethical producers within the European Union. As all socks are full-custom knitted you can request that the height be modified. And we can guarantee that your personalised socks will match your brand identity and message which will make your promotional products highly effective. Discover this product sustainability report by BCome here

4. Compact T-shirts and Towels

T-shirts and towels are some of the most popular promotional merchandise items and their value lasts for years. And compact, or compressed T-shirts and towels add instant value. It’s amazing to see them expand and take on their natural unpackaged form! Kingly’s promotional compact T-shirts really create a buzz and build your brand’s visibility! Check out BCome’s sustainability report on Kingly’s T-shirts here.

5. Custom-made apparel

Kingly’s focus is on creating garment pieces with earth-friendly materials. Their GOTS-certified boxer shorts have a classic design and everyday style cut fit for any situation. They are created in a Europe-based textile facility, 100% traceable with sustainability reports and transaction certificates. Our range of products also consists of DTG-printed aprons and cotton bags with eco-friendly inks. 

Why choose Kingly?

Kingly are one of Europe’s leading producers of sustainable sockscompact promotional textiles, and custom knitwear. We help our clients boost their brand visibility with earth-friendly corporate gifts that bring added value and long-lasting impression. By using a sustainability calculator, we empower businesses to visualize the amount of water and energy they have preserved, as well as the carbon emissions and landfills they have reduced with each one of their orders. Our anti-greenwashing validation system guarantees that our products are eco-friendly and underpinned by socially responsible and ethical employment – from fair wages to health and safety in production and supply chains.

Leaving a meaningful mark on the world, as well as a better environmental futureand helping those in need have always been in Kingly’s DNA. We recognize individual differences and the contributions of all employees. That is why diversityinclusion and welfare are some of our company’s core values. We have a code and it is based on the 6 pillars of Kingly.

We are proud to be accredited with SMETA PILLAR 4, ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation, ISO 45001, GOTS, GRS and BCOME’s sustainability platform. All yarns used in the production of socks use Oeko Tex-certified materials. Our transparency and traceability are second to none and for this reason, we are ranked as one of the most eco-sustainable socks knitting companies on the planet. All certifications and available upon request.


Did you know that last year Kingly’s clients preserved astonishing 34 537 442 litres of water with 71 orders of upcycled socks? Also, 128 908 kw/h of energy have been saved. The carbon emissions have been minimized with 52 886 kg and 5833 m² have been prevented from turning into landfill. Learn here how you can also be a part of the solution.

Take advantage of our Express Custom Sock Manufacturing Service from only 8 working days plus shipping. Now available from 50 pairs of socks.

Want to be part of the solution rather than the problem? Discover how many resources you can preserve with your next order of upcycled socks by checking our savings calculator hereLet us help you with your next order. Contact us via service@wearekingly.com.



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