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Top 5 Industries Using Corporate Gifts To Boost Their Visibility

The world has been paralyzed by the pandemic threat for quite some time. Economies are spinning, many companies are fighting to survive. Managers are trying to pull new tricks up their sleeves to keep their loyal clients and the results are shaky. In April, the World Trade Organization predicted that the world merchandise trade is set to plummet between 13% and 32% due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Against all odds, the promotional merchandising remains strong.

Some companies even managed to address the changing consumer behaviours and launch brandable hygiene and antibacterial products. At Kingly, we even managed to increase our company’s turnover by 150%. Promotional products still have the highest advertising recall, surpassing print, television, and online advertising. But which are the sectors that buy merchandise the most? And how do they reach end-users now that it is not safe to organize promotional events?

1. Tech Industry

This is the sector that innovates faster than any other industry out there. The most successful companies in that sector always seem to be ahead of their game in every possible aspect. Their marketing strategies are usually linked to presenting clients with accessories linked to tech gadgets. However, giants like Microsoft and Google surprise their loyal clients and reward high-performing employees with high-quality, custom made socks. Why socks you might ask? Socks are one of the most popular promotional textiles available. Some companies prefer them than other apparel products. One size of socks fits most of their employees which is not the case with T-shits. Also, you can easily distribute them in the office without having to spend extra money for logistics.

Compressed T-shirt in the shape of a bee

2. Food & Beverage Sector

Clients in this sector are always on the lookout for original promotional products at great prices that wow consumers. In this case, compact T-shirts are an excellent choice as they are a powerful marketing tool, and the return on investment (ROI) is fascinating. Moreover, they are very easy to distribute, even by postCompact T-shirts fit in the palm of your hand, and they can come in a hundred different shapes and forms. For instance, the Coca-Cola company launched a promotion with compressed T-shirts in the shape and exact colours of their iconic bottle. They were delighted with the result and ordered more branded T-shirts for their other brands – Burn energy drink, Fanta, Powerade, and Nordic Mist. Learn what other players in the Food and Beverage industry, like Corny, and brewers and distributors of alcoholic beverages like Beefeater and Havana Club, and Corona Extra choose as promotional merchandise.

3. Financial sector

Banks don’t spare money when it comes to promoting their products, especially in the digital world that we live in. The competition between them and fintech companies, who use innovative technology to undermine these financial institutions’ impact, is tremendous. Banks are looking for a way to stand out and boost their visibility. They are not only focusing on textile merchandise, such as T-shirts, bags, and socks, but are using a lot of brandable hygiene products, such as surface and wipe cleaners, personalized hygiene packs, embossed soaps, etc.

KS03 Quarter Knitted Socks jpeg (2)
KS03 Quarter Knitted Socks jpeg (3)

4. Media Industry

Media outlets are always looking for innovative and low-cost solutions to promote their brand. A while back CNN had only 12 days to prepare for a convention in Dubai. The timelines were tight but we, at Kingly, managed to deliver great promotional gifts – compact towels, that created a great buzz amongst recipients. It was a strong, memorable way to reinforce the brand. Bloomberg love compact goods as well but focus on T-shirts and socks for greater employee and customer satisfaction. Dive into another case study with merchandise we created for an MTV event in Spain.

5. Electronic Industry

If you are working in the Electronic industry and are looking for a great way to say “thank you” to your distributors and business partners, you can follow Bosch’s or AEG’s footsteps. They use compact branded T-shirts to promote their brand and increase loyalty across their network. Here is why they chose Kingly as the producer of their merchandise: “We chose Kingly knowing that they are a reliable producer and that our orders would be dealt with efficiently and to the highest standard that we’d expect…The standard of packaging was another ‘tick in the box’ and the outcome of the promotion was a resounding success.”

Some other industries that fancy promotional items are automobile industry, telecoms, education sector, healthcare institutions, construction sector and many, many more. According to the US-based Promotional Products Association International, 35% of promotional products are wearable. Nearly 29% of the total market is clothing, with an additional 6% for accessories. It’s easy to see why. T-shirts, and socks too, are highly visible and get used multiple times. With loyal customers, especially where products align with lifestyles, these gifted branded goods are often a favourite item. They get huge exposure and inspire consumer choice. They have a low unit cost and the return on investment is tremendous.

Discover outstanding merchandise solutions for your business! Visit our YouTube channel to get inspired by our textile promotional gifts. Contact our team for free advice on which is the best possible way for you to boost your visibility, especially in a time of crisis. For any inquiries, drop us a line at service@wearekingly.com



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