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Top 7 of the most popular articles on Kingly’s blog

At the end of every year, each and every one of us reflects on what we have achieved, and the mistakes we have made. What we have overcome,  what we are planning ahead. Kingly have shared some interesting case studies, some important sustainability tips and some projects we are already working on. We decided to select the most popular themes and articles that have made our clients share the excitement that drives our success forward.

1. Zero-waste sock producer launches the Kingly Upcycled Project

Kingly are one of only 52 GOTS-certified sock producers in the world. We are also the first zero-waste textile company that creates sustainable products for the promotional industry. Our company just introduced its “Upcycling project” which intends to retrieve textile waste not for recycling but for using it to create new products. During the manufacture of socks, small factory offcuts are produced. They’re a mixture of cotton, nylon, Lycra, elastane, and materials like polyester, polypropylene, and other fibers. It is impossible for these offcuts to be recycled as there is no way one can separate the different fibers. For this reason, they would typically go to landfill. In line with our ISO 14001 Environmental Policy, at Kingly, waste fibers are now retained. The leftover fibers find a new life as stuffing for printed pillowcases, furniture, and so on. Read the rest here.

2. Industries using textile merchandise and sophisticated corporate gifts

Respectable companies around the world know that business gifts are an essential part of unfolding their marketing strategy. They are a great way to boost brand awareness and leave a long-lasting impression. Also, they give a fantastic opportunity to strengthen relationships with employees, clients and business partners. However, choosing the right business gifts and personalising them in a way that your clients would appreciate can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride. Businesses don’t want to spend way too much money on promotional merchandise items that would end up in a dusty corner, or – the unimaginable – in the bin. Dive into the articles here, here and here.

3. “Building for the future” Business Training

The vision and the mission of Kingly Version 2.0 are unfolding. We have enormously ambitious dreams for the future. We are taking well-calculated risks and we are not afraid to dive into ambiguity. However, there are certain steps we need to take to bring our company to the next level. As we become a more sustainable, more reliant, and more efficient business, we need to make sure that we can guarantee that all of our systems are updated and working properly; that our strategic planning is being executed at the right time and at the right place. Read on.

4. Kingly’s zero-waste knitting facility leads the way

As we become more aware of these catastrophic negative impacts, we all have to look for more ways to reduce pollution, minimise carbon footprints and cut the waste this sector produces. Impossible? Not at all. Competitively priced fashion does not have to mean poor quality or irresponsible methods of production. Also, you can take something already in existence and transfer it into something of a higher value. Finding a second life is a lovely thing! And in fact, upcycling is not new to Kingly. It’s directly inspired by the Promotional Gift Award we received in 2020 for our upcycled socks in compostable bags. The socks were made from fibers mechanically recovered from recycled clothing, and the bags were made of potato starch.

5. Kingly celebrates equality, diversity and inclusion

Equality, diversity and inclusion are fundamental human rights.As a company committed to eliminating unlawful discrimination, these rights are also Kingly’s core values. We recognize individual differences and the contributions of all employees. Our aim is to always provide fairness and respect to all. We work hard to ensure a working environment that promotes dignity and respect and is free of victimization. Keep reading – click here.

6. Kingly included in an iconic COLD FEET installation about homelessness awareness

Leaving a meaningful mark on the world, as well as a better environmental future, and helping those in need has always been at the heart of Kingly. That is why it would come as no surprise that we wanted to contribute to an important cause. This time it’s linked to raising awareness about the struggles of homeless people in the UK. Read more about the initiative here, and some donations with Bulgaria here and here.

7. Effective ways to include sustainable practices in the textile industry

It is possible and implementable – whether it is about fashion garments, bridal dresses, or socks and sweatshirts. Let’s dig into practicing sustainability in the textile industry. Sustainability is now a part of the textile industry. It’s about more than using organic cotton and improving working conditions. Water, energy, and chemical consumption pose challenges for textile companies at all stages of the value chain. Read more here.

Bonus: When it comes to textiles, it is possible to switch to entirely ecological production

In-depth explanations about our the SMETA Pillar 4 audit and the ISO 45001 audit – linked to our health and safety policies, especially when it comes to using machinery. The ISO 14001 audit is linked to ecology – separate collection of waste, recycling, etc. With ISO 14001 we prove that our organization cares about the environment as a whole. With textiles, it is possible to switch to entirely ecological production, says Radostina Stefanova who is in charge of helping with these procedures. Read more here and here.
Discover more about their award-winning upcycled socks here. Stay tuned as we reveal which of our new products was rewarded the Promotional Gift Award 2023. Contact our sales team at service@wearekingly.com to get information about all of our merchandise products. Learn more about our upcoming projects in the video below. 



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