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Top Winter Promotional Gifts That Will Wow Your Customers

Whether it is a promotional gift for employees or clients, merchandise is one way to break through all the celebration noise and push your new upcoming product or services.

Here are our top picks for winter promotional apparel:

Christmas Crackers

At Kingly this year we teamed up to bring a unique promotional product, whether it is for your clients or a sign of appreciation for your employees, we guarantee they would be astonished. The Kingly Christmas Cracker comes in recycled paper that is PEFC certified and is filled with sustainable textile products such as Kingly Socks, Towel or Kingly Labs Cosmetics! Our promotional products are not only gorgeous, sustainable and good to the planet but also practical and useful, which makes them a perfect Christmas gift. Fabulous isn’t it?

Knitted Sweaters

At Kingly we strive to be industry game-changers! We believe in slow fashion, transparency and sustainability. Our knitwear range is packed full of promotional products you’ll love: great designs, superb quality, and the knowledge of responsible manufacture – all adding to high value for the recipient and a big, long-lasting impact.
All Kingly’s knitwear comes in a variety of fully certified eco-friendly textiles and biodegradable packaging. Our compostable bags are derived from potato starch and decompose within 8 weeks. We care for the environment and these great products make it easy for you to do so too.
Whether it’s a Christmas or Ugly jumper you’ll amaze your clients with the softest feeling knitwear they’ll want to wear every day.


For cosy warm toes this winter.

Let’s send summer away with the most sustainable and practical promotional gifts – Kingly’s Winter socks! Designed with a love of fine craftsmanship, they’ll keep your feet warm and brighten your day. Our talented production team and a huge range of colours mean we can create any design that matches your next promotion. We make your apparel ideas a reality and we routinely exceed expectations in a competitive market – all underpinned by our core values of sustainability and ethical production.


Kingly’s bespoke garment facility is a must when you require custom knitted beanies. It enables you to use our design and manufacturing expertise to bring your clients’ ideas to life. During the colder months of the year, the beanie is an excellent choice for promotional merchandise.


The magical thing about our scarves is that they never go out of fashion. They’re a perfect promotional gift or corporate giveaway. With our state-of-the-art knitting and fabric printing facilities, we can create almost unlimited patterns in a wide range of colours and designs.

Compressed T-Shirts

With a proven track record on quality price and reliability, we are widely considered to be the #1 producer and supplier of promotional compressed T-shirts in Europe and the US. We can shape your next promotional tool to make a lasting impression with a product that will fit in your palm! We can compress your t-shirt order into any shape which would bring a smile to your client’s face.


We produce some of the best touch screen gloves. They are custom knitted according to a customer’s specifications. The logo design can be knitted in up to 3 colours and includes a woven label on each cuff. Kingly gloves are manufactured in the EU. They are warmer, fit better and are more accurate in typing tests than the competition.

Face Masks

Masks have become a must in our daily lives. According to ASI Central, 52% of consumers would keep a branded mask for more than 3 months and 57% of consumers are more likely to do business with an advertiser who gave them a branded mask. Colder months are times that people get sick more often and protection is mandatory. Face masks are practical but valuable promotional gifts that anyone would appreciate.

Final Words

Whether you choose a sweater or socks, spread some festive cheer to your employees and clients with Kingly’s sustainable apparel. We guarantee useful textile merchandise that will make a long-lasting impression not only through the Christmas season but throughout the whole year of 2022.

About Kingly

Kingly is one of Europe’s leading producers of socks & bespoke clothing, promotional textiles, Creative Garment Packaging and Cosmetic products all underpinned by a rapid move towards sustainability. Considered by many to be the fastest and most reliable producer in Europe, we pride ourselves on an unmatched combination of price, quality and service.

Kingly offers an amazing selection of sustainable products backed up by our certifications: SMETA PILLAR 4, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, GRS and BCOME Cradle-to-Grave Platform. All yarns and materials used in the production of our apparel use Oeko-Tex certified materials.

To get your hands on our awesome sustainable merchandise contact: service@wearekingly.com
For press inquiries contact: community@wearekingly.com



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