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Visit Kingly at The Green & Sustainable Promo Show

Kingly are excited to announce our participation in The Green & Sustainable Promo Show! Join us in Elstree on June 6 and in Leeds on June 11, and discover how we’re pioneering eco-friendly solutions in the promotional market. Also, you will be able to get samples of our vibrant Rainbow socks and join us in celebrating love and diversity.

Our Crew Socks and Sports Socks get a lot of attention during Pride Month, and it’s easy to see why. Last year, we saw a huge demand for our LGBTQ-themed socks, leading to a reorder that made a big impact.

In mid-2022, we took on an exciting project for an advertising agency in the UK representing Amazon. They needed 20,000 pairs of socks featuring the Rainbow flag, a symbol of LGBTQ culture. The feedback was fantastic—they loved the design, the high quality, and the sustainable approach. It was a perfect corporate gift that celebrates equality, inclusion, and diversity. We’ve also fulfilled significant orders for Pride events in Spain and France, producing 5,000 pairs and 2,500 pairs respectively.

Rob Armour, our CEO and Founder, shares his enthusiasm:

“Creating socks for LGBTQ prides over the past years has been incredibly rewarding. The color combinations are stunning, and the horizontal flat knitting ensures top-notch quality without pixelation. More importantly, we’ve built wonderful relationships with the LGBTQ community. They are an absolute joy to work with.”

At Kingly, we stand by the belief that “Love is Love” and that everyone deserves to be cherished and respected.

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