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Webmaster Fernando Jimenez lifts the curtain on our multi-language website

Fernando Jimenez is our tech go-to guy. He’s passionate about playing video games and watching videos about technology, computers and mobile phones. He has been helping us with some freelance work focused on administrating our various websites for quite some time. Now we are happy to welcome him to our office as a full-time Webmaster. Dive into his thoughts and learn why he decided to leave Spain to come to our production site in Bulgaria.

How did your passion for technology emerge? How did you get so interested in that field?

I think it stared when I was about 6 years old. My grandparents gave me a computer with Windows 98 as a present, so you can imagine. (smiles) Nobody thought me anything. I lived with my grandparents. They didn’t know too much about the field but I started exploring by myself. Later, I got a brand-new laptop with Internet connection and it opened a new world for me. I really liked it.

You have been helping us with managing our websites for quite some time. However, that was freelance work. How did you feel when Rob (Managing Director) and Dessy (Operational Director) asked you to join the team full-time? I suppose it wasn’t an easy decision as you had to move to Bulgaria from Spain.

I decided to come to Kingly because it was a step ahead in my career. While working as a freelancer I managed too many projects. But I didn’t have the chance to dig deeper into any of them. However, while working for a company full-time, I can spend my time only on one project and develop it to its full potential. I can explore new options and get everything under control. I can get deeper into the marketing world, the strategies.

I was not a hard decision at all. I am still young, so I’m not leaving many things behind and I’m living a new experience. The hardest part would be not seeing my family, but nowadays, with the help of technology, I can make a video call and speak to them any time I want. Also, here in Sofia, there are a lot of foreigners, including Spanish people, so somehow, I don’t feel like a stranger.

Was there anything particular in the company, or in the atmosphere, or when it comes to the values of Kingly that attracted you the most? Have you noticed any good practices that you think the company should keep in the future? In terms of operations, in terms of sales, innovation, etc.

I really like the eco-sustainability policy that the company is embracing. Also, it is exciting to work with so many items now that we are developing a new website. The company is rapidly growing. Kingly currently works with many websites and they have huge traffic. There is plenty to do. And now there are a lot of people involved in the process. Not too long ago, Rob was the only one working on developing the company. For me, all of this feels like starting a project from the very beginning. But it is for a company that already has employees.

What do you think are your strengths, your super powers that can help the company reach higher peaks?

My knowledge on digital marketing, especially when it comes to SEO. This is the field in which I have the most experience. Plus, the knowledge I already have about Kingly’s products, services and corporate identity. For sure, these are the biggest strengths I can offer to the company.

What is the most exciting part of the job? Are there any challenges that you are facing?

The most interesting part is to work at a company from the merchandise sector. I love advertising, marketing and everything related to promoting businesses. I am sure that I will learn many more interesting things at Kingly.

The most challenging part will be to work with different languages. This is a part of a new digital project – a multi-language website which will also need multi-language SEO optimization and editions. I am sure I will need the help of professional translators.

How do you feel as a part of Kingly’s team? Is there a person who you can rely on the most?

I feel very comfortable with Kingly’s team. And the person who I think I can rely on the most is Rob. Just because I have known him the longest. He speaks with me in Spanish and I spend the whole day in the office with him.


Photo credit: Jorge Gomez

Questions and text by Desislava Pateva

Stay tuned for our updated multi-language website! We can’t wait for you to dive into our creative world.

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