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What does Kingly spend 100 000 euros on each year?

Our company takes transparency and traceability very seriously

Kingly are fascinated with companies that share their values and provide their clients with products that are more environmentally conscious. In fact, we recently collaborated with Polygiene to provide a sports club in Germany with eco-friendly promotional towels. They were impregnated with their odor-control technology which is vital for resource preservation. We also take traceability and transparency very seriously, as we have always been a company that builds trust with its clients. That is why each year we spend 100 000 euros on certifications and audits that guarantee that what we say about our products, services and supply chains is true.

We have presented our products at various trade shows this year – from Merchandise World to Printwear & Promotion LIVE!, from CTCO Lyon to Promogift, and from Haptica Live to The Big Promotional Show. And we see so many companies adopting the tactics of marketing their apparel with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). However, there is no mention of the registered CU number validating these companies. In addition to that, there is no mention of the percentage of organic cotton and or recycled cotton.

Others claim they use old fishing nets left in the ocean for their socks when in fact the recycled material is a tiny percentage compared to the nylon used in the creation process. So not only are they not preventing more plastic from going to the ocean but what is worse – they are in fact contributing to the pollution. Of course, that is not something they would willingly admit. So how could you possibly validate the claims of all of those companies?

Take a piece of advice from Kingly –  the next time you request a quote, be sure to request their CU number and certifications and double-check that they are issued to this particular company, or to its suppliers. If they cannot provide proof for their claims, well… they are probably too good to be true. You can also check their credentials by entering the CU number into the GOTS or GRS official websites.

In the case of Kingly, we offer you proven and validated traceability and transparency. Our anti-greenwashing validation system is an enemy to those that choose to break the rules. We can prove our traceability through the third-party Cradle to Gate sustainability platform and various certifications. We can supply an amazing range of apparel from T-Shirts to hoodies with many different accessories.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by ISO 9001 / 14001 and 45001 certifications and SMETA Pillar 4 audits. Some of the certificates we also possess are OEKO TEX for socks created with upcycled yarn, with conventional cotton from suppliers within the European Union and GOTS organic yarn. We are also 1 of only 52 GOTS-certified sock knitting manufacturers in the world. And the dyed yarns, and even the threads, we use in the sock and apparel production process are according to the GRS.

For this, we are a brand you can trust.

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