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 If you’re looking for private label cosmetics, come to Kingly!

We specialize in high quality products manufactured to the very highest standards using the finest active ingredients. We have an extensive range of cosmetics from which you can choose, or talk to us about a product tailored to your own specifications. We can create your very own private label for cosmetics.

Are you looking for hotel toiletries, hospitality supplies or amenity packs? Or private labelling for cosmetics in a niche market? Does your product suit small manufacturing runs?

It makes sense to come to Kingly – we supply all of these and have in-house design experts working hand in hand with our production teams, to deliver sophisticated, eye-catching products that will help your business grow.

From cosmetics to private labelling of cosmetics and to packaging, Kingly can work with you all the way. Not only will we deliver excellent products but we can also help drive your cosmetics branding, help create or build your brand identity, and support the marketing of your private label cosmetics.

At Kingly, we are proud to have an ultra-modern production facility and laboratory, fully compliant with GMP 22716, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and SMETA PILLAR 4.

Our flexible production systems mean that we can cater for small to medium sized orders and will happily produce from only 150 units per product type. With short lead times and swift dispatch, you get exactly what you want, when you want it.

Orders are shipped from only 2 to 4 weeks (depending on the quantity and product type) and all our products come individually boxed, retail ready. Our design team offers a stunning range of amazing packaging concepts to add value, make your products stand out and really delight your customers.

Sustainability is an important part of our company ethos. We offer sustainable packaging and Frustration Free Packaging and are always keen to promote packaging which supports environmentally friendly marketing strategies.


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