Kingly are one of Europe’s leading producers of sustainable socks, compact promotional textiles, and custom knitwear. We help our clients boost their brand visibility with earth-friendly corporate gifts that bring added value and long-lasting impression. By using a sustainability calculator, we empower businesses to visualize the amount of water and energy they have preserved, as well as the carbon emissions and landfills they have reduced with each one of their orders. Our anti-greenwashing validation system guarantees that our products are eco-friendly and underpinned by socially responsible and ethical employment – from fair wages to health and safety in production and supply chains. 

We have created the world’s first zero-waste sock knitting facility in the heart of Europe. Following the great success of our award-winning green socks, Kingly launched full custom garment manufacturing with eco-friendly fabrics and GOTS-certified inks. We are second to none when it comes to our design service, fast production and prompt delivery. Every second request to our esteemed team of in-house designers turns into a promotional product with an eye-catching design. Through the power of video, we update our customers on the status of their orders.

The 6 pillars of Kingly

Leaving a meaningful mark on the world, as well as a better environmental future, and helping those in need have always been in Kingly’s DNA. We recognize individual differences and the contributions of all employees. That is why diversity, inclusion and welfare are some of our company’s core values. We have a code and it is based on the 6 pillars of Kingly.

Anti-Greenwashin Validation System

We have created the world’s first zero-waste sock knitting facility in the heart of Europe. Kingly have implemented an anti-greenwashing validation system whereby we can prove our traceability through BCome’s Cradle To Gate sustainability platform and various certifications. All accreditations are available upon request. Here is what they stand for:

Multiple International and Appreciation Awards

 Best Selling Products

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Kingly – A brand you can trust.