Calcetines de Neón

The ’80s were well known for colourful clothing, and nothing is more bright than neon.
Back in the day, the most popular hues were similar to highlighters—bright yellow, orange, green, and
So why did people really wear neon coloured clothing in the 80s? It was all about hope: Neon colors
were symbolic of a new mood and season of burgeoning hope across the world.

This sock can be produced in

Regular Cotton - Conventional cotton from ethical producers within the European Union.

Upcycled Cotton - High quality reprocessed cotton. Provides significant savings in water, resources and pollutants.

Bamboo Yarn - The softest, most comfortable and skin-friendly material.

GOTS Organic Cotton

Chemical-free, sustainably produced and processed. Transaction certificate available.


Neon Yarn Colours Available

Más Información

80s fashion trends were driven by the entertainers and entertainment industry of
the day.  Hollywood used bright colours to convey youth, innocence and optimism
in the cult movies of the 80s, such as in “Back to the Future” with brightly coloured
puffer vests, “The Breakfast Club” with plaid and neon in clashing combinations,
“Flashdance” with its lycra and neon dancewear and “E.T.” with its 80s fashion
trends for kids.

Then there were the global music icons like Michael Jackson and Madonna, who
influenced 1980s fashions with neon clothing in their MTV videos.
Demand is back and we are at the forefront having developed regenerated eco-friendly nylon for our
range of neon custom socks.
The neon yarn we use is GRS certified and manufactured in the EU.
In addition to that, the socks are included in our third party Cradle to Grave platform making them
traceable throughout the supply chain.
In 2021, our neon palette has become much more diverse and includes almost all of the existing
fluorescent colours.
These include neon pink, fucsia, orange, yellow and green.
Combine the colours how you want! Let’s get your custom neon sock rolling!

Neon Yarn Colours Available



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