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Plastics, Sustainability & R-PET at Kingly

By Rob Armour, MD of Kingly Ltd.

Sustainability is a buzzword of our time. We hear it everywhere, so we should use it accurately. It should be backed up by actions that speak louder than words.

Because we hear it so much, is the currency devalued? Perhaps. And it’s true; some companies use ‘sustainability’ to ‘greenwash’ activities which do more harm than good.  So we should mean what we say. Actions behind the use of ‘sustainability’ should be responsible, transparent and legitimate.

At Kingly this is one of our core beliefs. Saying, ‘We’ll try,’ isn’t enough. We prefer to act.

So we’re proud to announce that from January 2021, all our PET bottles will be 100% recycled (R-PET).

The new bottles have similar transparency and strength to newly manufactured polyethylene (PET). And R-PET guarantees benefits at every level. Environmental impact is dramatically reduced. R-PET uses only recycled materials, so it’s environmentally sustainable; plus, it’s economically sustainable as prices won’t change.

Transparency and legitimacy are key. Our accreditation, certification and compliance are shared with customers – we prove our claims about our products are true.

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The 3 ‘R’s in ‘Plastics’


We use the minimum amount of plastic necessary to maintain product integrity. Improving our products without reducing the use of plastics doesn’t count. We have to find ways to do both.


Leftover cuts from manufacturing are re-used by putting them back into the production process for the same product. This reduces the amount of plastics used. During production, we pursue the philosophy of “Waste Zero” and promote the circular economy.


Whenever possible – that means all the time – we need to recycle bottles after their useful life. In our production process we receive bottles with a recycled content in percentages of 30% – 50%. We make sure 100% go to recycled-post-industrial plastics, and as most of our bottles are made of a single material they can be recycled without the need for sorting.

Seeing this chain of conversion, we asked the obvious question: why use 30% to 50% postconsumer plastic, when it can be 100%?

Grasping this simple issue has led us to be pioneers in the commercialization of 100% RECYCLED PET products.

A Circular Economy

At Kingly the circular economy is critical. We want to complete the cycle between resources and products, maximizing value at every stage. The main elements of our circular model are:

  • Maximum leverage of resources to minimize waste
  • Maximization of the value associated with each of our products
  • Recovery and regeneration of products and materials at the end of their useful life.

From the start, we integrate development, production, use and re-use. For Kingly, environmental value is commercial value too.

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