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Kingly successful in obtaining OEKO TEX for upcycled socks

Kingly are thrilled to announce that we were recently granted an OEKO TEX Standard 100 certificate for our upcycled* socks. Having a label with the trademark on our products simply means these are textiles tested for harmful substances. And we now have accreditation not just through our suppliers but within the company itself. And we can guarantee that our products are safe even to the touch of a baby’s skin.

Our award-winning upcycled socks are composed of 85 %upcycled cotton for comfort, 12% recycled polyamide for strength, 3% elastane for comfort and strength. More about the composition of the upcycled cotton itself, you can find in the certificate by following the link: OEKO TEX certificate

Kingly empower their clients to calculate the environmental impact they would have with every order of upcycled products with a sustainability calculator. We have discovered that astonishing 25 075 314 litres of water have been saved with 48 orders of Kingly upcycled socks in 2022. Moreover, 93 592 kW/h of energy have been saved, the carbon footprint has been minimized by 38 397 kg, and we have prevented 4 235 m2 from turning into landfill. And this does not even include the orders combining upcycled and euro cotton or upcycled and GOTS organic cotton.

The most inspiring story we had the opportunity to tell was of an IT giant that managed to preserve 24 million litres of water with a single order of 34 000 upcycled cotton socks. By producing these sustainable products we have reduced energy consumption by 90.168 kWh of electricity and also avoided the use of an amazing 1826 kg of pollutants. Click here to learn more.

Why choose Kingly?

Kingly are one of Europe’s leading producers of promotional textiles and 1 of only 52 GOTS-certified socks producers in the world. We are second to none when it comes to our design service, fast production and prompt delivery. Our company is committed to leaving a better environmental footprint and we have created the world’s first zero-waste sock knitting facility with 100% traceability. Dive into our world of sustainability and let us help you become a part of the solution with our earth-friendly products.

Multiple International Awards

We have been recognized as the most sustainable company by the Ministry of labour and social policy in Bulgaria. Kingly have been awarded 1st Place in the “Ecology” Category at the annual Socially Responsible Strategic Management Awards 2022. Previously, our sustainability and innovation efforts have been recognized with Promotional gift awards for our Upcycled socks (2020), GOTS organic cotton socks (2022), Sustainable textile essencing (2022) and our newest creation – Clickable socks (2023). Our upcycled cotton socks and GOTS organic cotton socks were shortlisted in the “Sustainable Product of the Year” Category at BPMA’s Product Awards 2022-2023.

Certifications and Traceability

What makes Kingly stand out from opportunists and greenwashers is that when we say our products are sustainable and that we are Eco Warriors, we can actually prove it. Last year we passed another SMETA Pillar 4 audit with flying colours. We renewed our Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification which stands for eco-friendly, organic production, underpinned by socially responsible and ethical employment – from fair wages to health and safety in production and in supply chains. Moreover, we are the only GOTS sock producer in the UK, as the certificate is very difficult to obtain. We are accredited to the ISO 14001 environmental standard, as well as to ISO 9001 and ISO 4500 standards. The creation of our eco-friendly products is accompanied by a report which is traceable through BCome’s Cradle to Gate platform that empowers apparel businesses. When the unique QR Code is scanned it generates the sustainable score of the specific eco-friendly product.

Zero-waste knitting facility and The Kingly Upcycling Project

As we become more aware of the catastrophic negative impacts of the textile and apparel industry, we all have to look for more ways to reduce pollution, minimise carbon footprints and cut the waste this sector produces. During the manufacture of socks, small factory offcuts are produced. They’re a mixture of cotton, nylon, Lycra, elastane, and materials like polyester, polypropylene, and other fibers.

These offcuts can’t be recycled as there is no way one can separate the different fibers. For this reason, they would normally go to landfill.

However, based on our commitment to a better, cleaner environment, and in line with our ISO 14001 Environmental Policy, at Kingly, waste fibers are now retained.

The leftover fibers find a new life as stuffing for printed pillowcases, furniture, and so on. This is upcycling: taking something already in existence and transferring it into something of a higher value. Finding a second life is a lovely thing!

And in fact, this is not new to Kingly. It’s directly inspired by the Promotional Gift Award we received in 2020 for our upcycled socks in compostable bags. The socks were made from fibers mechanically recovered from recycled clothing, and the bags were made of potato starch.

* In the certificate referred to as recycled socks.

Shorly after this blog post was published, Kingly received their OEKO TEX certificates for Euro Eco Cotton Socks, Bamboo Socks and GOTS Organic Cotton Socks.

Learn more about our zero-waste knitting facility here and about the Kingly Upcycled Project here. Get inspired by our successful case studies and charity initiatives here



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